Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Bear Go Round

Yup, the bear was back for another encounter. Yesterday I reattached the I-bolt to the back of the shop and chained up the trash can. Last night at 11:30pm the bear was, again, trying to smash the trash can. Grabbed my flashlight, pistol, and turned on the back light. He hauled ass. When I got out to the can, I could hear the bear crashing around down by the creek (maybe 75 yards). I moved the can inside the shop in hopes I could sleep the rest of the night. Luck was with me. We didn't hear from the bear again. Tomorrow is pickup day, so the can is down the street and around the corner. Hopefully he won't find it.

This morning I decided I was goin to put the Float Tube Cumberland in Caples Lake and see if I could entice a big Rainbow or two into gulping one of my flies. This is what I found.

Sustained winds of 20mph with a hefty chop and whitecaps. No float tubing here. I even tried fishing with my spinning gear, but the wind was just too strong.

Plan B - Go to Red Lake and see whats going on there. What a difference 8 miles and Carson Pass (8650 ft) makes. Calm as glass.

In went the float tube. Flippered around this side of the lake today. Started out with a size 8 "Bumble Bee" Bugger. No interest so I changed to a black Wooly Bugger. Second cast produced this nice 12 incher. Catch & Release. Note to self: work on those one handed camera shots.

Double click for a good look at the colors.

I tried a couple of other streamers and a couple of nymphs, but couldn't find any interest. That was it for the float tube.

Flippered back to put in, took a small break, and went back out with my spinning rod and a silver Panther Martin. Caught another just like the one above (catch & release) then nothing. Then, kind of like Sunday, right about Noon the bite stopped. Flippered back in and decided to try for a couple on Power Bait at my usual spot. Managed 3 small (8-9 inchers), but none big enough to keep. Everybody went home for another day.

Packed up at 2:00 pm and headed home. I have one more trip planned for Friday, but I'll leave you in suspense until then.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Mark, sure a gorgeous fish on the apron of the Cumberland. Hope all your readers are double clicking the pictures. They are great to look at. Windy days and float tubing kind of go hand in hand, don't you think?

  2. I'd like to think I float tube during calm water. I spent a good part of my youth being bashed around in the old black innertube in the ocean. Back then it was fun, now the old bones don't take to much bashing. When I first looked at the lake, the only thing I could think was the tube would be blown to the spillway and how would I get back?


  3. Sounds like Red is still pretty productive eh Mark? I might have to make a trip out there with the boy again soon.

  4. Nice report. Glad to see you in the float tube again. So what is the long term plan for the bear, keep the trash can inside from now on?

  5. Mark,
    Beautiful color on the bow. I've really enjoyed your pics lately. I saved a copy of the Red Lake shot and also the downstream shot of Mokelumne River. That picture really get's my fishing-jones going.

    Weather here is really cold and raining. We're about to come into spring soon, so trout season will be here right behind it. I'll have to get my pontoon float out to be sure it's ready for the season.

    Thanks for the report!