Monday, September 13, 2010


Been one hell of a weekend. Ken and I got most of the wiring work done on Saturday. Like most "projects" and I'd like to remind you of my formula. The time you think it will take, times 2, then multiply by 3 and that should cover the amount of time as well as the cost.

Turned out that Lowe's gave me the wrong breakers for the sub-panel I bought. That stopped the whole process at the shop, but we did get it wired that far.

Sunday morning found me at Lowe's getting the correct breakers, plug covers (I bought the plugs and didn't think of covers, let alone did anyone say, "you need covers?"), and Silicone to waterproof the boxes. I had a brand new tube in the shop, but I guess it was past it's shelf life. Kind of hard and crusty. I liken it to an old donut that's been sitting on your work bench. When I got home, I finished the wiring, rechecked the plugs to make sure they were wired correctly, and hooked up the motion sensor light (which works great, by the way). Now we'll see if it keeps the bear away.

That done I flipped the breakers and held my breath. No sparks, no fires, and the shop light came on. That brings us to the "un-plugging the extension cord" ceremony. Ceremony? I walked over to the plug in the wall where the extension cord was plugged in and pulled. Then I disconnected all the plug strips(3) and extension cords that were plugged into them (4). The shop is on line.

Since I was pretty much wasted from two days of that, I thought I'd get caught up on all your blogs. WRONG. For some reason I couldn't get to email or the Internet. All I could get on Internet Explorer was half of my home page. So I just shut off the system and went up to watch the Redskins (You know I've been a Redskins fan since the days of George Allen and the "old guys") beat the Cowboys, by the skin of their teeth, I might add.

A little finishing up and I'm off to Bear River with the Float Tube Cumberland tomorrow. Want to try my fly rods with those little top feeders and maybe something bigger.

Till then, and I did get caught up on all your blogs this morning.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. At least that's out of the way. And those Redskins looked "electric" in those yellow uniform pants last night. As an Eagles fan, it was a tough decision who to root for - the ex-QB or the Evil Empire. Anyone who beats the Cowboys is fine with me (for that week at least).

  2. It's time to fish! I hope you do well.

    The Average Joe Fisherman