Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Place Part Deux

This morning started at 3:00am. Up with my wife that had to be at work to do a software upgrade at 0530. Since I had an eye doctor appointment (still trying to get my new sun glasses in focus) I figured I'd go back and try the Mokelumne a second time. I arrived at 0 dark 30 and waited until I could see my hand in front of my face. Then I could make the climb down to the river. This is the river shot from the 8/26 post. This morning the flow was about half and no, I didn't take a picture. I had the camera with me and had all the intentions in the world to get one, just didn't.

I started with my spinning gear and a silver Panther Martin. Nothing. Gold PM, nothing. At 0800, I left and went to my doctor appointment. Interesting, he had to change my eye perscription to make the sunglasses work. Now I have one perscription for my regular glasses and a different one for sun glasses. Weird huh?

Back to the river and went to another spot, same thing, nada. Changed to a crawler with a little split shot and bottom bounced it through the riffles. Didn't want to do that before and then to the doctor smelling of worm poo. Nope, nothing again. Went a little further upstream. A little more bottom bouncing and still nothing.

Further upstream I came to an area that was like a swimming hole. You know, ropes hanging off the trees, deep holes, rock barriers, and trash. Back on 8/26 when I was here before, there were a bunch of people swimming in the river. Not today. I had it to myself. Down another hill to the river and out with the gold PM. Again, nada.

The thing I saw was, fish surface feeding. Aha, he says. Back to the truck, rig up the fly rod (I specifically put it into the truck, just for this reason), put on a Yellow Humpy, and back down the hill (did I mention the hill is about 20 from top to bottom? Now I can tell my doctor I'm really getting exercise) to the river. Humpy out, fish turning up their noses at it. Still don't know if a fish can do that. Sure seems so. How about a Royal Wulff? The nose thing again. How about a Zebra Midge under an indicator? Nope. They were surface feeding, you say, why not match the hatch? Would have if I could have seen what the hatch was. Things were so small I could see them out over the water, but up close they were about the size of a pin head. I couldn't even see them to catch one, so I used my best guess. Tried a Zug Bug, a little grey scud on an indicator, went back to an Elk-Hare Caddis, a stimulator (littlest one I had), and finally a Prince Nymph with a Copper John dropper. I just couldn't get any interest in anything, but they were sure feeding on what ever that little bug was. I saw rolls of 8" to about 11" Rainbows.

Well, I didn't catch anything today, but now I know where they hang out, at least during the week. Weekends are questionable, but Fall is coming. I also heard a rumor that a lady (name unknown) caught a 4lb Brown on a Kastmaster, last week. Things are definately looking up.

That's it for this addition. Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Them's the berries sometimes. Bet it still beat being at work. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Thanks, Mark, now I will end up having to have Two prescription's also. It is probably the new "in thing" for us bespectacled older anglers!

    Sounds like a fun day even if the fish won this time.

  3. Ryan - The joys of being retired.

    Mel - I don't think it applies to all sunglasses. Mine are cupped to cover the eye and polarized. I think it's the shape of the lens more than anything.


  4. Some days we were just not ment to catch them. Congrats on your working glasses though!

  5. You'll get 'em. Don't worry so much about matching the hatch, they just weren't hungry today. Next time.

  6. Nice going Mark..they were eating tiny midges. I will fish those little 22-24 bugs if I have too but it makes it tough sometimes. October Caddis will soon be happening there if it isnt already going off in the evenings? That can be a lot of fun and I can fish flies I can actually see.