Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quick Fishing Trip

Had a couple of hours this morning, so I decided to run up the road a short distance and fish the Middle fork of the Consumnes River. This area is about 5 miles up the road from where I fished at PIPI campground back on June 23rd. I parked in the Middle Fork Consumnes Campground, didn't pay the day use fee, and walked downstream. Come on, I was the only one up there. Why should I pay the fee for a couple of hours of parking? I could have parked on the street just as well.

Fished a couple of small pools and spooked a couple of fish. Then I stumbled onto this little hole.

Apparently made by the tree roots when the tree fell over. The water was clean and so I put a Royal Wulff on the far side. The fish hit it so fast, I couldn't react before he decided the thing he had in his mouth wasn't eatable. Smart as he was, he hit it a second and a third time. Me, I still wasn't fast enough. After that, he wasn't interested even when I changed to a Yellow Humpy. So I wandered further up river.
Then I came across this lovely little pool. I did see a couple of swirls, but couldn't get anyone interested. I worked my way from the back to the front of the pool, but when I got to the top, it was really shallow, so I moved on.
Then I made my way to the bridge and fished this pool. nothing again, not even a swirl. Thought there might be something under the falls, so I put on a couple of nymphs under an indicator. Copper John, Red Naked Lady (another one like the Montreal Bucktail Whore. Love the name, tie the fly), and Zebra Midge. Didn't see anything, didn't get any bumps.

Wandered over to the other side of the bridge and it was all brush covered and running slow, so I called it. Had errands to do in town.
A couple of pictures for your enjoyment and a little dry fly fishing practice for the Shoreman. Oh, I did manage to lose 3 or 4 flies to the trees or bushes, or who knows. Somebody has to keep those commercial fly tiers in business. Next time up in this area, I think I'll go back to PIPI and try upstream a ways.
Till the next trip.


  1. Mark
    Nice looking areas you fished. What size Royal Wluff were you using. I have had trout to react to that fly in size 12--it is one of my favorite dries because I can see it so well especially in fast water.

  2. Bill - It was a size 12 I was using. I agree with you that it's easy to see. The only problem I had this morning was sun glare. Even with polarized lens it was hard to see, but only in some places.


  3. Area looks so pretty. Like the river/stream posts.

  4. That's looking a little like the small waters I fish here in Iowa. Not with a fly yet, though.

  5. Since it is so close to home base, you probably will have plenty of opportunity to spend more time on this water and learn more. Then the fish will be yours, my friend!