Friday, September 10, 2010

Small, But Fun

I took a couple of hours this morning and ran up to Bear River Reservoir. I haven't been up there in a while and just needed some time off from the "project". The "project" is on track. Trench is done, plugs are in the shop, and I'm waiting for Ken so we can hook everything up. Should be tomorrow or Sunday.

Stopped at Cooks Station for coffee and got to Bear River at 0830. Put one rod out with Power Bait (slip sinker and all that). Tried a gold Panther Martin on the other. Kept getting hits, but no hook ups. Think the lure was too big. Tried a smaller one and hooked up one small Rainbow.

When I stopped at Cooks, I picked up a carton of mini-crawlers (15 to a carton). After many casts with the PM, Kastmasters, and Little Cleos, I decided to try my "Caples Lake" trick. On the end of the line, I tied on about 24" of 4# flurorcarbon using a double surgeon knot. Then tied a #6 bait hook on the end. No weight. Put on one crawler with a worm threader and cast out.

The catches numbered more than 20, with all released (lip hooked) but 2. One was on the Power Bait, the other one was about 10 inches. It didn't matter how much worm was on the hook. They would take it all the way down to the last piece that just covered the hook. They were all small. 6,7,8 inches, but fun to catch. Out of 15 crawlers, I put 7 into the 1/2 barrel with the remaining Basil. My wife and I made pesto over the weekend and cleaned out most of what was in the pot.

Many were surface feeding and I could have kicked my self in the butt for not taking my fly rod. That's OK, there's always next week and I do have a fly I want to try on them. It's kind of like a fuzzy mosquito.

That's it, back home by 11:30 in time to finish a couple of things around the house. Till I get back up to Bear next week.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Sounds like fun. Ive always wanted to get up there..Whats the tailwater below the dam look like Mark?

  2. Hi David. I've never explored that area. From the dam, it's one hell of a hike down to the river. I'd guess, maybe 300-400 feet in elevation. I would suspect it might be good, I just don't know how to get down there.


  3. 9 x out of 10 I outfish budies with my fly rod when they are bait casting. More work, more preperation, more equipment, but so much more fun. Good job

  4. Fly or spin makes no difference as long as you are having some fun and enjoying the fishing experience. Good job, Mark!

  5. What a great morning fishing. I hope your project goes well and that you soon see the light.

  6. Sometimes it is nice to do some bait fishing on spinning gear. Nice report.


  7. Sounds like a fun time Mark...nice job