Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some One Please Kick Me

I had an appointment for today, taken care of yesterday, leaving me with the day free. So, what do I do with a free day? Go fishing. Here's the plan. Jump into the truck and plop my butt up at Caples Lake. Rest and relax day. Got there at 0815 and set up two rods with Rainbow Power Bait.

Everyday, in the last year I think, that I've been to Caples, it's been 20 mph winds, 6 foot waves (maybe not quite that big), and white caps. Not today. Calm and clear as glass. Did I bring the Float Tube Cumberland, HELL NO.
Some one please kick me.
Hung out for about an hour and ended up with no hits, a numb butt, and pissed off because I left the float tube at home. Went to the normal plan B.
Got to Red Lake about 0930 and set up one rod with RBPB and the other with a yellow Panther Martin with silver spinner. Second cast out I pulled in a 9" Rainbow, which surprised me because I didn't think there were any in Red Lake. Then I started noticing the fish were working the surface pretty hard. Perfect for a fly rod and a dry fly. Did I bring my fly rod? HELL NO.
Some one please kick me.
Now, everybody while fishing, takes pictures of birds, flowers, fish, and the like, but I've not seen anybody take one of a helicopter. So here you are. This is the mountain across from Red Lake, basically part of Carson Pass. I have no idea what he was dropping on the top on the mountain and I'm not sure there is anything up there, but he kept dropping something.

OK, back to fishing. Silver PM, gold PM, silver Kastmaster, gold Kastmaster, Rainbow Kastmaster, and silver Little Cleo all got hits or fish. Thirteen total. Five for Bob (he was nice enough to grade my driveway yesterday) and the rest put back for another day. Got to keep a guy like that in fish. A good mixture of Rainbow, Brook, and Cutts. All small (about 9"), but still big enough for the frying pan.
I did run into a guy named George that was having a little trouble catching fish, so I rigged him up with a silver PM and when he and his son left, he had five in the ice chest and a couple more on the stringer. Sometimes a little instruction can make someone happy.
On the way up to Carson pass, going home, I stopped to snap this picture. If you'll notice, in the middle of the photo, there are two white dots. Yes folks, that is snow, still there on the 16th of September. But that's about all there is, for now.
That's it for this adventure. Till next time, remember: If you don't take your fly rod or float tube with you, conditions will be perfect. Some one please kick me.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Mark
    We all have days just like you described. I have gone and left all my flies in my other tackle box at home---and if that is not enough I have even forgot my trout vest when I have gone to our tailrace, so you are not alone. Memory loss as I get older.

  2. Yup, I can relate. If you read my post from a few days ago, you know that after I planned a full day of trout fishing I arrived at my destination I realized I forgot my boots. Ugh!

    It seemed to really hit you hard on this trip though. When it rains it poors.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. But Mar - if we ALWAYS took ALL our gear, we'd be driving a Winnebago, towing a Suburban!. And that rig would be too big to get into the areas we wanted to fish anyway!

    Nice post - people think it's easy being a fisherman!

  4. Snow? Really? Gosh, it was a little chilly here last night when it dropped into the high 70's:)

  5. Who needs to bring all that gear anyway? Reads like you did just fine to me. Enjoy the moment, bring the fly rod next time.

  6. I agree with Troutrageous1. Sounds like you did great with the lure assortment you used. Heck, you even have the reward of helping another angler get some fish to the bank. That is a good day, my friend! Maybe you need to combine the Cumberland with the spinners and spoons and see what happens.

  7. You could always take the spare tire off of you truck and plop your rear in that to float around. Great day and I love the photos of fish. ;)