Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bakers Dozen

Last Sunday we got clobbered with a Winterlike storm. More than 6 inches of rain. My pond went from green stuff all over the surface to clean in one day. The green stuff went down the creek toward the canyon below. Ok by me.

The weather guessers said that the snow level would be high (8500 -9000 ft) since it was a warm storm. Then Monday morning they show snow at the cabins at Bear River Reservoir (elevation 5850').

Wanting to squeeze out all the fishing I could at Red Lake before it ices over. I jumped into the truck and up the road I went. Not know what to expect, I did a documentary as I drove up the road.

No snow here, but coffee at Cook's Station.

None here either. Above the Bear River elevation.

Must be getting closer, one would think.

There it is. Pretty high. Actually I hit the first snow at about 7500'.

That's as high as it gets.

Got to Red Lake at 0830 and sure enough, snow there too.

Not only snow, but wind. In your face, wind. Rigged up my fly rod with the intermediate sinking line and tried to put out a pink/black Wooly Bugger (trying to imitate a Rainbow Kastmaster). Wind in your face, I couldn't get it out more than about 5 feet from shore. Put a little split shot on and made it to, maybe 8 feet. Back to the truck and out with the spinning gear.
Remember back on the August 29th post? The one that was titled Brrrrrrr, Damn That Was Cold ? Huh, that had nothing on yesterday. I can't remember the last time I was that cold. I had on a fleece lined parka and fleece lined gloves with chemical heaters in both and still froze. Should have had my thermals. CRAP, they were in my gear bag and I forgot. Senior moment.
Anyway, I lasted about an hour and in that hour I managed two small cutts (9" or so) and one small Brookie (about the same) and that was all I could take. Back into the truck, turn the heater to blasting and head home.
Past Caples, past Silver Lake, and decided to see if the road to Bear was still open. Yup, open. Drove down to the lake and parked by the dam. Out with Power bait on one rod. Thought I'd better get some for Bob (I plow for fish) since the snow is coming. Before I could get the second one rigged I had a hit on the first one. Reared back to set the hook, nothing. What the hell? Back out again, same thing. What, the fish are getting smart? Not a chance.

Next time I let it hit and hit and hit and finally set the hook. A little 9 incher, lip hooked. Back for another day. Aaah, they are playing with the bait. Next one, same thing. Hit, hit, hit and a little 9 incher again. Back for another day. After wasting a half bottle of Power Bait, I noticed a couple of big ones crusing by the shore about 10 feet out. I'd been fishing at 25' - 30' out. Put on a ball of PB and dropped it right where I'd seen the fish. The bait never hit the bottom and, "fish on". A nice 11 incher.
Did I mention it was a hell of a lot warmer at Bear River? Hoodie, no gloves, and a slight breeze. managed to put 5 nice ones on the stringer for Bob and release the other 5 for a total of 13 for the day. A bakers dozen. The one thing I did notice is that I got a lot of followups when I reeled in a bare hook with a pine needle, that I'd snagged, on it. Think I might go back up tomorrow and break out the fly rod with a brown San Juan Worm or maybe a brown Wooly Bugger and see what happens. I'd be there today, but doctor appointment at 0930.

Well, that was an exciting day and cold, man I didn't think I'd ever thaw out.
Till next time.


  1. We have been getting a lot of high wind here lately, with a chance of flurries. Old man winter is coming. Nice adjustment for the catches. they must be hungry for eggs this time of year.

  2. If they're following a bare hook with a pine needle on it, you're gonna slay 'em with the fly gear.

  3. Well done Mark. Never surrender and ye shall be rewarded, or frozen like a popsicle.

  4. I can handle the cold, but man do I hate the wind. Good for you for pushing through.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Like the others have all commented, good job, Mark! Wind is the evil for me when I am fishing most of the time. Not just a chop on the water type wind, but, gale force winds and white caps are what I am talking about. That's great that there were enough of the nicer trout that still wanted to play. Gotta' keep Bob happy!

  6. Nice job Mark (thumbs up)

    We've been getting so much rain along with other assorted crazy weather that I'm thinking this is gonna be one heck of a Winter.