Friday, October 1, 2010

The Bare Butt

I let everyone that stopped by overnight, ponder this shot. Couple of commenters thought it was real. It's a mannequin.
It would be my guess that the purpose of this "piece of art" is the no dumping sign. Just a very artful way of expressing something we in blogdom are highly aware of. A good many of the fisherman out there are pigs.
Yesterday, as I was fishing and collecting junk, I came across worm boxes, beer cans, lids off Power Bait jars, and some assorted, discarded line. Oh, I did add a Luhr Jensen Krocodile lure (silver with an orange stripe, no hook) to the window sill collection.
That's the story. I hope I picqued your interest. A little humor is always good at the end of the week.
As always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how little humans regard the environment. There will be a fine to pay and it will be a heavy fine no doubt.

  2. Mark
    I think we all need to add a little humor to our post every once in a while---even if it is a bare ass. As for the litter, the tailrace below Smith Dam has put into effect as of last year a fine of 100.00 bucks for littering. It is enforced because a couple of my buddies said they knew of some individuals who had to pay up. We now have one of the cleanest Tailraces in the tri state area----another reason the tailrace is so clean is all live bait fishing is banned.

  3. Some people have a habit of ruining things for everyone...if the kooky activists ever get smart they'd go out in the field themselves and start taking pictures of the mess people leave behind.

    Personally I'd like to back a garbage truck onto the front lawns of people that leave their trash in the woods...nothing ruins the feel of a good spot like peoples garbage.