Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Couple Of Fairly New Guys On The Block

I ran across a couple of blogs that I thought were good. They don't have a big following and I hoped that many of you would stop by.

First is Fly tying Old and New. Normand has some good looking flies on his site and he provides the recipe. He's from Connecticut and has 9 followers. I think he needs more.

Second is California Fly Fishing. Frank's a Northern California Boy and fishes the Truckee River (I've got to get up there) a lot. I think you'll like his posts.

Third is The Grey Sulfur. Dan talks about bears and Brook Trout. Right down my alley. He's only been posting since February of this year and has 15 followers. He could use a few more also.

I've passed these three along to Rebecca to solicit for OBN and should see them on board as soon as she gets back from her current fishing expedition. We are a big family, but always have room for more. I'll be stopping in as they post and hope you will too.



  1. Ok... I'll bite. Checking them out right now.

    The Average Joe Fisherman