Friday, October 8, 2010

A Friday Trip

Well, Old Man Winter has come to the Sierras. We've had rain for the last three days and with rain comes snow in the high country. This morning, this was the scene just before Red Lake.

I was on my way to try Heenan Lake, this time without the float tube. Just fishing from the shore. This time I got a shot of the ramp I told you about on the September 24th post. From the parking lot to the water. Apparently not a problem for a lot of float tubers, as there were a bunch on the lake. You can see, if you double click on the picture, a truck at the bottom of the ramp.

This will give you an idea of the size of the lake. It took 5 shots to get all the way around.

I fished from the launch ramp as far as you can see, in the far left picture (of the 3) above. I used Kastmasters and Panther Martins in a fan motion to try and get as much coverage as possible. Then I fished from the launch ramp all the way around the corner in the right hand shot
(of the 2). A distance of about a mile.

I got no bumps, hits, or fish. The only comment I heard about a fish caught, was from a float tuber that got one by the dam early on and wouldn't give up what he caught it on.

That was it for Heenan Lake. There are supposed to be big Cutthroats in this lake, but I'm not sure, based on what I saw and heard, that this lake is worth the trouble.
So, since I had a little time, I would drive back to Caples and soak a little Power Bait. But you know me, I can't resist a stop at Red Lake. It's right there. Grabbed my rods and picked a spot a little farther than where I usually fish. Hooked two on a silver Kastmaster and the the one below on a Rainbow Kastmaster. It measured 14 inches. The colors were too beautiful, I couldn't keep it. All three went back for another day.
Around Noon, the wind came up (that good old wind off the mountain that drops the temperature about 20 degrees) and with the wind, the bite stopped. I packed up and headed home.

That's it for a Friday trip. Till next time.



  1. Dont give up on can have increadible fishing for quality Lohantons. It really requires getting on the right water though.

  2. Nice lookin' fish. When all else fails - Kastmasters & Power Bait. Sounds like a good recipe to me.

  3. Mark, great looking Brookie! Also, enjoyed your picture selection. Especially the one of the high country snow. Winter is coming!

  4. Nice looking trout not to mention the lake and the Sierras---got to love the mountains

  5. I love brookies this time of year. Prettiest trout hands down. Thanks for the post.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  6. Glad Red Lake was able to produce for you. A 14" brookie is about as big as they get most places, at least here in the spring creeks of the Midwest. How big do they get in your lakes?

  7. Hey Mark. I'm not exactly sure how much bigger they get although I do know that I caught one, just before iceover last year, that was close to 16". I landed him, but before I could get a tape on him, he flipped off and was gone.

  8. 14" is my personal best for brookie. Best tasting of the trout too, IMO. I assume the lakes deep enough for holdover, correct? Sorry to hear the 16" flipped away - It happens to all of us.

  9. The cutthroat are in Heenan, they've just been unusually shy this year. Four friends were there a week ago, one fish between them.

  10. Mark - A lot of the Brookies in Red Lake are holdovers. I think the depth is around 60'.

    Pat - Thanks. I've pretty much given up on Heenan this year. Mike at American River Fly Fishing says that you have to hang a red something at about 10' by the dam and just let them come to you. Maybe next year.

  11. Looks like a pretty place and a nice brookie!