Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Place Part Trois

Back to the Mokelumne for a third try. Had a dentist appointment and since I was already in town, thought I'd just run over to the Mokelumne and see if my previous idea would work.

Stopped and picked up a tub of mini-crawlers (what trout doesn't like a nice, fat, juicy, mini-crawler?) and drove up the river to the last area I had fished. Water was deep, fish were hitting the surface, and I was ready.

Tied on a couple of feet of 4# flurorcarbon on the end of my line with a double surgeon knot along with a #6 bait hook, threaded on a crawler and out it went.

That was it, it just sat there. OK, put a bobber on with 3 feet of line below and out it went again. Still sat there. Fish still working the surface hard. For what? I couldn't see anything that looked like a bug and I couldn't see what they were taking off the surface, but they were really going at it. Shortened the line below the bobber. Still nothing. Walked up and got my other rod with the thought of tossing lures.

Ran into a guy in the parking lot and he said he'd been trying to catch them on several occasions and couldn't hook one. Said they were Kokanee. That apparently is a horse (or fish) of a different color.

When I got home (half hour or so, ago) I looked up flies for Kokanee on the (everything is out there) Internet. Here's a list of what I came up with and if anyone has one to add, please let me know.

1. San Juan Worm (I have several colors, including red)
2. Red egg patterns (I have several)
3. Red Copper John ( I have one)
4. Pink Crazy Charlie (looks like a Clouser Deep Minnow and I think it's too big for these fish)
5. Mysis Shrimp pattern (something for my next "special" fly order because my fingers are too fat to tie itty, bitty, flies)

All the sites say red. I'm open for any help you can provide.

As far as the title of this post, I thank iGoogle translation because I have no knowledge of the French language, but I started it, so I'll finish it.

Till next time.



  1. Good report..they are more than likely eating tiny midges. There a are ton of small 22-24 midge patterns. I cant see them well and hate to fish em though.

    I have a little traditional orange and black marabou streamer that the Kokanee (sockeye) eat real well on the our west slope rivers. A friend ties them for me but down sizes it somewhat for kokes. Its a reaction bite as apposed to them feeding but its fun to catch them. Keep after it Mark.

  2. Can't offer any help, Mark, but I hope you succeed in this venture. Also loved your last post with the hottie in the tub. Nice!