Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Apology And The Golf Ball Update

Last Friday I put a link to Janice's site where she posts her photos and didn't realize I put the California Dreaming link instead of her's. So without further ado, here is the the correct link.

Since then, Janice has also created her own blog and I'd like to post that link also. I took a look at it yesterday and I think you'll like this one also. Pssst, told her she should join OBN and get more contacts. Here you go. Her blog is "Shoot Me Now While I'm Happy". In case you didn't notice, she's all about birds.

On to the golf ball thing. I'll take the comments as they are listed on Yesterdays post.

Clif - Not on the bumper of the truck. All golf balls I come across are thrown into the pond. I hate golf.

Mike - Could have been the bear, but no bear poo attached.

Blake - No kids in the neighborhood, except my cats, and the girls down the street (Llama's).

Casey - I have something in mind right along those lines.

Biggr - No cats loose in the neighborhood.

Lunker - Could be Chupacabra. Who knows.

Ryan - Nobody messes with the Shoreman. Wouldn't be prudent.

Cofisher - Could the fishing gods be playing golf. Ya think?

Mel - OK, you're forgiven.

Callan - Hmmmmm.

Here is what I think. Given the information that the ball probably came from Roy's yard (Bob says while they are up, they hit them with a ball bat), it could have gotten down field aways. I think a crow, and we have a bunch of big ones, picked it up thinking it would be lunch and landed on the driveway. Finding it wasn't edible, just left it for me to find and speculate how it got there.

Might not be prudent for the crow to be in slingshot range.

Ya'll have a good day.



  1. From trout slayer to crow killer. You have rounded out the average hunter:)

  2. why didnt I think of that?....
    Roy's yard,, duh.. well I'll be..

  3. Maybe it was a swallow - African or european I'm not sure which.