Friday, November 12, 2010


Item 1 - I got an email from a blog follower that lives in a near by town called Galt, California. Her name is Janice and she is an excellent photographer. What prompted her to email me was the post about the bear stomping on my trash can. Janice called it "playing drums on your garbage can". Janice has a site where she posts pictures she takes in Northern California. I've posted some of my extra shotson California Dreaming, but trust me, mine are nothing like hers. Take a minute, wander over and take a look at her work. Here's the link. I know you'll like them.

Item 2 - The kid is again a contributor to the local newspaper. This article is not related to any post I've done, so worth the reading.

Item 3 - Went to a follow-up Cardiologist appointment this morning. For the past week or so, I've been going through a bunch of tests just to establish a baseline with him. The report is all good. He sent me on to Item 4 with an "I'll see you in 6 months".

Item 4 - The Trout Pond at Camanche Lake. I'm going to save this for the next post because I did a short video, but I don't know how the hell to get it to play, let alone get it on Blogger. So you're just going to have to wait. Hopefully tomorrow when the wife can help. She's the IT Babe, remember.

That's it. Short & Sweet. Till next time.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning my photos! I don't know if you meant to put a link to my photos on Flickr? The link is
    Now I'm going to check out more of your photos on California Dreaming:-)...great video of the've mastered the art of video too!