Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Ghost Of Carbon Canyon Part 2

Two years later we slipped up and accidentally told the girls the real story of the Ghost of Carbon Canyon.

The parking spot was set in an area where car lights coming over a distant hill made the light appear at the top of the hill in front of the car. Half way down, the car would dip and the light would disappear. As the car came back over the next rise, the light would reappear and disappear just as it hit the fence at the bottom.

OK, you ask, what about the apparition? Seems we had a fourth roommate. He drove out there before us and walked to the top of the hill dressed in white tee-shirt, white Levi's, and white sneakers.

When he knew we were parked and the light shone on the hill, he started running down the hill. Half way down, when the light went out, he tripped on a stick and according to legend, disappeared. He jumped up just as the light came back and ran the rest of the way down the hill to the fence.

When he tripped on the stick, he picked it up and carried it with him to the bottom and as soon as he hit the fence, swung it at a big metal pipe (part of the gate), thus the gong sound. Then he started to climb over the gate. You know our part of it.

His part in it was not without problems. He was chased by a bunch of dogs, stopped by the Police wanting to know what he was doing out there, and ended up with some very dirty clothes.

The girls after they found out? We paid big time. I personally had a sauce pan rearranged by my head. I'm not sure what happened to the other guys, but I'm sure they paid in some painful way.

And as Paul Harvey would have said, "And that is the rest of the story. Good day".



  1. Too funny. You guys should have kept quiet. I was told once, no good comes from telling the truth.

  2. Hey Callan. The admittance was by accident. We paid for it a long time.


  3. There I was sort of thinking about believing all of that ...........!

    I am will Callan. Too bad the truth sort of slipped out!

  4. Mark, I don't know how I missed your blogs, but here I am. I've got a lot of reading to do now to catch up.

  5. Nothing like a good ghost story.

    Cofisher, welcome.