Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mysterious Golf Ball

I generally do the grocery shopping on Saturday morning. Gives the wife some time alone and she doesn't have to rush, get dressed , and run out of the house to spend 3 hours driving, shopping, and driving back home.

Just as I entered the property on the way in, I noticed a golf ball in the middle of the driveway. Remember, the drive way is 900 ft from the house to the property line. The picture below shows where it was sitting. I know for sure it wasn't there when I left a few hours earlier.

Where could it have come from? Below is a shot up the road toward Bob and Roy's house. Can you see them? That's part of the mystery. Their houses are quite a ways from where the ball was. Roy (on the right of the road), I know for a fact, was not up (he lives in San Mateo, over on the coast, most of the time). Bob (on the left of the road), I don't think he golfs.

So the question remains. "Where did the golf ball come from"? Sitting perfectly in the center of the road. Must be one of those Twilight Zone things.



  1. The bottom side of the bear that eats your trash?

  2. kids walking down the street playing catch?

  3. Things fall from the sky all the time. But I reckin' your neighbors had company out messing around, or a coon or a crow finally got tired of it.

  4. Someone walked down your driveway and thought, "Hey, let's mess with this guy!"

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. I vote that the fishing Gods were playing golf that morning.

  6. "Fore" heavens sake, how would I know! "Tee" hee.