Monday, November 15, 2010

Pathetic, I Tell Ya

We have a good sized storm coming in on Friday afternoon and I wanted to take one more shot at Red Lake. I suspect there will be Mucho snow up there this weekend. Good for the skiers, bad for fishermen. it is already showing at 5500 ft.

I took a video, but can not get Blogger to upload it. If I can figure it out, I'll post it it another time.

I got there at 0845. Put one rod out with Rainbow PB and started tossing Kastmasters. I threw every color I had in my tackle box. I think there are 8 or 9 colors in there. I also threw gold & silver PM's, black/yellow Mepps, rainbow & brown Rapala's, and I even threw Power Worms under a clear bobber. I was desperate. I got NOTHING. No fish, no bumps, NADA. That went on for 3 hours.

Finally I tossed in the hat and went down to Bear River. Both Caples and Silver Lakes had whitecaps on them, the wind was blowing so hard. Got to Bear (sunshine, blue skies, & warm)and checked with a couple of guys fishing. Couple of small ones, was all they'd caught. I put both rods out with PB and found a comfortable rock to park on. Hour later, I landed one the size of your palm. That was it. I did notice that when the breeze died down, some were breaking the surface.

To the truck and out with the fly rod. Probably could have used floating line, but all I brought was the Intermediate. Put on a Tungsten Beadhead Black Wooly Bugger and put it out there as far as I could. Using a 3" to 5" strip, I got one good bump and that was it. Changed to an Olive BH and continued. Saw a swirl and tossed the Bugger just beyond. Got an immediate bump and then nothing. Shortly there after, a Coot surfaced about 4 feet from where I got the bump. I think I almost caught a Coot.

That was it. One small Rainbow about the length of your hand. Pathetic, I tell ya. I think I know what the problem was, though. Remember back on September 14th, Cook's was out of cream for coffee and I got badly skunked? Well this morning I stopped for a cup and didn't even think about putting cream in the coffee. Must have been the problem.

Till next time.



  1. Ouch.

    If I can make a suggestion about the video... while I am not posting any yet, try uploading them to Youtube and then posting the link. Just a thought.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. The cream had to be it. Probably why the video isn't loading too. Next time remember the white stuff and I agree with the Average Joe, open up a YouTube's very easy to embed video from there.

  3. yes, copy the embeded code and past in the html section of your post, the last set of height and width in the code can be adjusted to make a better size

  4. Sure hope the cream thing gets fixed, I would hate to see you have too many days like this one. The fish seem to be getting a little more tight lipped in my waters also.

  5. It is the cream. You have been jinxed.
    Got Milk?