Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Storm - Tuesday Morning

Well, the weather guessers said we would be getting 4" to 8" of snow overnight. HUH, wrong again. This is the front porch at 0700. Nothing but snow dust.

So, I volunteered to take the wife to work (this time at 0800 instead of 0300) because she still couldn't get her car out. On the way home, I grabbed the camera and did a dash-cam video for you. It's a little long, but only covers about 3 1/2 miles. Oh, did I mention it started to really snow as we were leaving.

Just about Noon time, as I was uploading this to YouTube (Man, this upload took a long time. A little over 3 hours), it started to rain. When that happens, four or five inches of snow turns to slush and the snow blower I use to clear the turn around, becomes usless. So I ran out, fired it up, and cleared most of the turn around. By then the upload was done and here you go.

I hope you enjoy it. Oh Yeh, we're supposed to be done with the storm, that is until Saturday, but just so we don't forget winter (which is not here yet), the temperature is supposed to drop into the teens tonight. Ice skating rink in the front yard.



  1. Loved the ride into your place, Mark. I will probably have to have a good road map to get there someday. Sure beautiful country even with the snow. BTW, I think we got your 8 inches plus a little more!

  2. All that snow makes my rainy weather alright. After all I am still in shorts, But looking at that snow makes my joints hurt.

  3. Thanks for the tour Mark! I'm really not looking forward to snow, but I sure sat here and watched 9 minutes of it!

  4. Veo que eres seguidor de mi amigo Carlos el pescador. Me alegro que le sigas, porque es un gran amante de la pesca y la naturaleza.
    Me ha gustado el video, tienes un paisaje que me encanta. Nosotros vivimos en una zona de mucha montaña y tambien solemos tener nieve, mañana va a nevar.
    Yo tambien tengo un pequeño blog en el que puedes ver como es nuestro paisaje.
    Saludos desde España.

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