Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Day Update

Just a quick comment on the last post. If I had to name a winner, it'd have to be Ryan. Come on, Angelina Jolie. How hot is that? The rest were great, though.

Ok, enough slobbering. Had a doctor appointment yesterday morning, so I packed up my gear and rode out to the trout pond after. Guy at the gate said they stocked last Thursday. Once I got in, decided I didn't feel like tubing and set up on the dock. One rod with Rainbow Power Bait and the other with lures. Three hours later and nary a fish, called it a day. Had a guy fishing next to me with nightcrawlers under a bobber and he managed to land four. Did I have any crawlers? Hell no. I've never seen anyone catch anything on crawlers out there before. Why would I have crawlers? Goes to show, you have to have EVERYTHING. Saw a couple of others caught here and there, but still a tough day.

Today, had to run to Sacramento for a couple of errands and thought I'd drop over to the American River, stand in the water, and wave a stick. On the way, I crossed the river and it looked extremely dirty. It was raining, but I didn't think it was raining enough to turn the water that brown. It also looked like it was running pretty high. When I was there, back on the 8th, the river was running at 3600 cfs. Today, according to the Resources Management Department on the Noon news, it's running at 16,000 cfs. That's a whole lot of water. In the name of safety, I passed on chasing those elusive Steelhead, at least for today.

That's it for today. Skunked once again after opening my mouth in the article that was in the paper two weeks ago and another day missed, chasing chrome. I did have a fourth article published in the paper last Friday. If you want to take a gander, here's the link.


We are expecting rain, at least through the 23rd (10 day forecast), so I don't expect the American will be fishable for a while. I might run up the hill in the next few days and scope out the lakes up there. I'll let you know.



  1. Mark
    Just curious what was the air temp? Here we are in the mid 30's and tomorrow we will be in the mid 40's, but next week might be a day I go to the tailrace providing it reaches the 50's, I can remember when air temp meant nothing to me,to hit the water, but now I am more cautious.

  2. Bobbers & crawlers, can't get more simple that that...makes me wonder why I spend so much money on rods, reels, and lures...

  3. Why thank you, thank you very much!

    As for the fishing, live bait usually wins.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Be careful around the rivers! (I know you are but I just had to say that) They said they are letting more water out of Folsom. I talked to my Fish and Game guy and he was saying if it keeps up like this we might see the flooding of the Yolo Bypass this year...a few years ago they had 6 feet of water 3 miles wide running through there...it looks like the ocean when it's flooded! Then I have to wait for everything to dry out before I can drive the roads looking for birds again!