Friday, January 21, 2011

International Sportsman Exposition

Wasn't planning to go there because it's usually the same year after year, but there were a couple of things I wanted to pick up, so I decided to cruise the aisles and see what was happening. As it turns out, they have made some significant changes from last year.

The hunting section looked the same to me, but not being a hunter, all I really saw was outfitters.

One change, was that an entire building was dedicated to fly fishing. Well, fly fishing and a couple, OK maybe 50 or so boats, but fly fishing was my focus. Most of the well known fly fishing companies were there. To mention a few, Scientific Angler, Rio, Sage, TFO, and G Loomis. A couple of the local fly shops were there too. American Fly Fishing Company (whom I should be getting stock for, since I spend bunches of money there) and Fly Fishing Specialities.

One thing that will stand out is that I had the opportunity to meet Denny Rickards. Remember, last December, I caught that 2lb 4oz trout on the rust colored Rickards Seal Bugger? Chatted for bit and then off I went to check out the other booths. The one booth I specifically wanted to get to was the Orvis booth and meet up with Frank Pisciotta from the California Fly Fishing blog. Nice to meet face to face with a name, although I had already seen his picture on his blog site.

Stopped for a bite to eat at one of the stands. Decided on a hot dog and fries and made the biggest mistake of the day. I don't know how someone can screw up a hot dog & fries, but they did and it came back to haunt me later. Enough about that.

Then I went over to the other building where the rest of the fishing booths (and a few more, maybe 50 or so boats) were. I wanted to pick up a few lures from Fisherman's Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop. Fisherman's Warehouse didn't have them (nor did the store on the way home) and Bass Pro Shop wasn't there. So much for the lures.

Since I couldn't spend anything on lures and my wife turned me loose with the credit card, I managed to find a really cool pliers and line cutting tool called Boomerang Tool. It has a belt case and guaranteed to cut (their selling point) up to 85lb braided line. I looked on their website and the one I bought is not listed (I was going to show you what it looked like), I guess because it's a new product. That and a magazine subscription (can't have enough, like fishing rods) was all I able to spend. Oh, I suppose I could have spent more, but I was being good.

Lots of good seminars put on by Orvis, but I didn't stay for them. Lots of good fishing stuff and lousy food. That's it in a nutshell. Now I have to get out on the web and find the lures.

Till next time.



  1. An outdoors show is always a good way to spend the day (except for the food). I've found my cure for fishing magazine addiction - blogging!
    Great post Mark

  2. Good BBQ goes right on through me as easy as it went in, but its so good. I'm not calling it quits on BBQ just yet...

  3. Sorry about the hot dog! I was going to go to that...I like to look for stuff to help with my wildlife photography. Did they have those little pop-up trailers there? I want one of those A-liners....some day!!:-)...and don't they have the dogs doing fun stuff?

  4. Hey Janice. The only thing I saw that looked like camping equipment was truck campers and then, only 3.