Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Blogger Award

Well, Dennis over at Adventures……With Dad, sent the Best Blogger Award to me and 14 other blogs. The award comes with 4 things that I have to do.

1. Thanks and link back to the person who gave me this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Give the award to 15 recently discovered, worthy bloggers.

4. Contact them to make them aware of the award

Thanks Dennis. I appreciate the thought. Here’s the link to his blog.

Here are the 7 things about me that the rest of you probably don’t know.

1. When I was in the hospital having my appendix taken out, I met a crusty old tugboat captain that said he would give me a ride in his tugboat as soon as I got well. For a 7 year old, that was big stuff. Never saw the guy again.

2. Moved to Florida in 1955. On the trip down, we passed through Georgia. They had the biggest peaches I have ever seen. Might have been because I was small that the peaches looked so big. As I recall, they were mighty good, though.

3. Until I moved to California when I was 16, we could go to the beach and never see another person all day. Don’t you wish you could do that today? We had a lot of beach parties during both, the daytime and the nighttime. The places we went are now filled with high rise hotels and condos.

4. Against all my protests, my parents moved me from Florida to Los Angeles between 11th and 12th grade. My picture was in neither year book. The high school in Pompano Beach, Florida (pictures taken in 12th grade) or Bell High School (pictures taken in 11th grade). They also deprived me of graduating with the kids I went to school with since I was in 4th grade.

5. Used to cruise a well known hangout called Harvey’s Broiler in South Gate, California. I had a 1959 Chevy, black with red interior. The engine was a 348, 4-speed, 4 barrel, with the front end jacked up and the bumper removed. Used to ride like a tank, but was cool stuff. Did a lot of street racing on Tweedy Blvd. Didn’t lose many races.

6. My wife, at the time, and I were on “Let’s Make A Deal”. Went for the door. Didn’t get the big deal which was a boat, motor, and trailer and $10,000 in cash. Ended up with furniture, air conditioner, and some other stuff I can’t remember worth about $2500.

7. Last, but not least. When Richard Nixon was President, I worked for the carpet company that manufactured the carpet that went into the “Western Whitehouse”. I, personally, was the one that inspected and OK’d the product for delivery. Pretty scary stuff for a 21 year old kid.

With as many of these awards going around, I’m not going to pass on sending out the link to 15 other blogs. We all know who they are and they all deserve the award. It’s my opinion that there isn’t a bad blog out there.

Thanks again, Dennis for the kind thought.

I'm headed out to the lake for a little 20+ degree fishing from the shore. Can't bring myself to stick my butt in the water and float tube when the air temp is in the 20's. Call me a weenie. Takes us old guys too long to thaw out.

Till next time.



  1. Stay dry, stay warm Shoreman.

    What!!? Get out there and get in Mark!

  2. Mark
    Enjoyed your 7 lists--and congrats on the award. I will be putting out my list in the next week or two, I agree about the cold when you are our age ---of course we are not old---are we??????---sometimes I don't want to get out in the cold to fish, I can ramember the day when a little cold weather didn't brother me but now I bow to age more ---thanks for sharing your seven

  3. Congratulations, Mark. Enjoy the fishing, despite the weather.