Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Between Storms

Today we are between storms. Yesterday it rained and the wind blew. Today all we got was the wind blowing, although we are expecting snow tonight. Since I had to go to town to run a couple of errands, I took the opportunity to zip out to Lake Amador and wet a line or two. I set up at the point where we usually fish. One with Power Bait and the other with Kastmasters. You can see by the photo below, that the storm was coming.

I didn't get any interest with the Power Bait or the Kastmasters, so I left the rod with Power Bait sit and put the white grug jig on the other rod. Since I was the only one out there (maybe that should have been an omen) I walked around the point and started casting the grub. About half way back, I got a good drive-by, but couldn't get a second look. Got back to the corner I was fishing and started casting into the spillway. The picture below shows the spillway, but imagine it with about 3 feet less water. I was casting on the left side of the buoys and got a good solid hit. I fought the fish to the shore and then it saw me. It went something like this: It took off like a bat out of hell and snap went the line.

I tied on another grub and several casts later, I saw one cruising by and shot the grub out front of it. It grabbed it and then spit it back at me. Three chances, three misses. Must be bad,
pre-storm, Karma.
Today being Tuesday, is stocking day. I talked about it before, but this time I took a long distance picture of it happening. I jumped into the truck and drove over to get a better shot. On the way there, the truck was just leaving on it's second plant (1000 lbs per truck load) and would be back in about 20 minutes. I thought I'd throw the grub while I waited, but you can't do it where they stock, you have to go outside the "perimeters". While I was tieing on a second grub, the first one ended up in the trees, the stock truck drove by for the third time. Not 20 minutes, more like 5 minutes. So no close up shot today.

After that, I went back over to the point and fished a little while longer, but didn't see any more fish. By then, the wind was blowing pretty hard. I had to cast about 15 feet to the right of where I wanted to grub to fall. It was getting to the point that it was useless to keep trying. I packed up and headed home.
Friday is the opening of Lake Pardee. That will be the next adventure. The local Newspaper is expecting an article for the following Friday. I'll be there rain or shine.
Till next time.


  1. Rain or shine, any opportunity to get out is welcome.

  2. Crazy the difference in our weather only a couple of hours west. We had no measurable rain depending on where you were on the coast last night. Pretty nice out actually. I used to night fish for bass at Amador but havn't been there in several Years but I do fish Pardee and my PB Smallie came out of there a few years ago. Its one of if not the best Smallmouth fishery in the state. Atleast for quality.

  3. Good effort on your part, Mark. White grub jigs are popular in my area of Eastern Idaho also. Looking forward to your next post and newspaper story.

  4. Between Storms? Yes, so am I, here in Utah...The wind picked up just enough to make it difficult to put my line down where I wanted it yesterday on the fly. Today 50, tomorrow 30...go figure!