Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Day Before The Storm

If you've been watching the news, you know that California is about to get hit with one of those cold, snowy storms. Washington and Oregon are getting it as I write this and we are expecting it to hit mid-day tomorrow. When a storm comes in from the ocean there is always a warming factor which minimumizes the amount of snow we get. This particular storm is rolling right down the coast, but inland, not out to sea, therefore a much colder storm. They (the weather guessers) are comparing this storm to the one that hit the area in February of 1976 and dropped 2 inches of snow in Sacramento.

You know what I went through in the last one, this one is supposed to be bigger. They (again the weather guessers) say that the snow level is expected to be 500 -1000 ft in elevation. They also say that there is a chance of snow in Sacramento (elevation 26 ft).

At my elevation (3215 ft), feet of snow is expected. The suggestion is that everyone living above 1000 ft have 72 hours of food and water available. Don't worry, we're covered.

I thought I'd share a picture of our home this morning. Take this and add a couple of feet more? Whoopie............

I'll get some shots after the storm passes on Saturday so you can see what we have and be glad you're not here. Oh, the joys of country living.

Till then.



  1. Mark, you should be thankfull you live in the hills where atleast some are prepared and roads get plowed and some of the drivers know how to drive in it. Down here in the valley if we get snow no body is prepared and the roads turn into a complete mess. You probably already know this but park your cars as close to the street as possible before the storm so you dont have to snow blow the whole driveway

  2. Not much you can do about it, Mark. Just stay warm as possible and be safe in any attempted travel. Hopefully, power will not be an issue.

  3. Wow, what a cool home! Snuggle with the one you love and love the one your with.

  4. Agree mark can't do much about the weather good time to lay low tye up some flies & get ready for the spring season,live at 5,000' foot level so plan on a couple of nasty day's ahead.

  5. Mark, I plan on taking you up on your offer to do some fishing the next time I made it out that way. I will be out there in early May, the 3-10. Let me know if you'll be around. Also, I'm getting ready to split off my blogs to separate subjects so my outdoors stuff can be separate from my sports stuff. It was just a busy year. Thanks for all the great posts.

  6. Stock up on the hot tottie mix and wood for the fire. Be safe.

  7. Hang out in Chicago long enough and no weather will scare ya, be safe...