Thursday, February 3, 2011

Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Today, I landed the most painful Rainbow I've ever caught. Painful how, you ask? The first fish I reeled in was one of those 10" DFG stockers. Caught it on a Brook Trout colored Kastmaster. It was all wrapped up in some elses hook, line, and sinker. In trying to get it unhooked, it flipped and managed to sink one of the hooks, from the treble, into the little finger of my right hand. All the way past the barb. So here I am, trying to unravel the line, the fish, and the lure, which I remind you was embedded in my finger, and the little sucker was flopping all over the place and me bleeding all over the place. I did manage, with the help of a couple of new friends, to get it on the stringer and the hook out of my finger. Fortunately, I carry a first aid kit in my truck. Got a bandage on it and back to fishing. I don't care so much that I got the hook caught in my finger, I just hate bleeding all over everything.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Back on Tuesday January 25th, I noted that I set a new personal best with the 5lb-2oz Cuttbow. Well, today I landed this one that was 7 lbs even. I'm not sure why, but when I landed it, it was already bleeding. So, even though it was a personal best that I would have preferred to release, I put it on the stringer. This one will be hard to beat. Oh, caught it on a little white crappie grub jig. You just never know.

The third thing today, I mentioned about the cold. Well, when I left home, it was 29 degrees. I figured, way too cold to put in the float tube. Little did I know, that when I got to the lake, it was around 40. By 10:30 or so, it was t-shirt weather. Would have been a great day for launching the Float Tube Cumberland. But then again, I would not have caught the "big" one.

To end the day, I managed one more of the little 10 inchers on the same Kastmaster I caught the first one on, minus all the blood from my finger. I figured that Bob might have a freezer full with all the big ones I've given him recently and since he wasn't home, I caught my neighbor Roy and gave him the three fish.

On the way home, I found the ideal place to fish. Check out California Dreaming to see where.

Till next time.



  1. Great catch Mark! Sweet fillets...Almost could make steaks with that one!

  2. That's a pig!

    White crappie jigs = Multi-species catching machine

  3. Great job, Mark. You can fish a lifetime for a big Rainbow Trout like that hoping that someday your fish will come. Today yours did!

  4. Nice job Mark!! You've been catching some great trout lately. I hope some of your luck rubs off on me lol :D

  5. GREAT trout Mark - you've gotten into some really good fish already this year. And - that on IS going to be tough to beat

    You sure the blood on the fish isn't from your finger??


  6. Two personal bests in less than two weeks? I'm not questioning your angling abilities, but go buy a lottery ticket right now.

  7. Nice fish! Too bad about the finger...gotta love barbless hooks...