Friday, February 25, 2011

The Storm Friday Morning Update

It was supposed to hit mid-day yesterday. I didn't go fishing in the morning so I could monitor what was happening at the house and let my wife know since she was at work, that way if it got ugly, I could run down the hill and get her. I made a quick run to Sacramento to pick up some paperwork and then back home.

Spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house. No rain, no snow, nada until about 8:00pm when we got a very light dusting. Crap, I could have gone fishing. Rich and Mark went to Pardee and caught a bunch.

This morning at 7:30am I measured 8 inches of new snow on the front deck. The cold front is still west of Sacramento and coming our way, with more snow (no rain at this elevation) and wind. Should be fun. NOT. I'm huggin the wood stove today.

Till tomorrow mornings update, maybe if we have electricity. Currently PG&E is reporting 191 incidents, with 20,200 people without power in neighboring counties. The worst is yet to come.



  1. should of gone fishing.
    We got snow and crap hitting us today.
    I'm overjoyed.

  2. The weather "they" has been threatening CO with feets of snow... can we say grocery store freak-out?

  3. What Rooster said. I thought Colorado was supposed to be the snow capitol of the west...not California.

  4. Hope you read this while you still have power! After the last outage, I kind of expected this one to put you down again. Stay warm and safe. I told all the fish out your way that you were on vacation and they could relax a little now!

  5. Would it make you feel better that I'm going yaking today in 80 degree weather:)

  6. If it makes you feal better it's 3 degrees & clear no snow today got some yesterday,time to grab a cup of joe,tye flies,& just stay warm inside,go luck with the comm'n storm.