Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Storm Saturday Morning Update

Where'd it go??????

The only thing we got yesterday was a lot of wind. Not safe to be outside when the wind is blowing and the trees are full of snow. A lot of times it looked like whiteout conditions.

Raz - Sorry, but we beat the bullet.
Sowbug - We had the same grocery freak-out on Thursday night.
Cofisher - Guess you're still the snow capital. Wouldn't want to take that from you.
Mel - No power loss this time.
TFB - Psssssst.
David - Stay warm. Not experienced that cold of weather since 1990 when I was in Medford, OR and it was 1.

Yesterday afternoon we had sunshine and blue skies. Got out and snow blew the turn around. Bob (I plow for fish) scrapped the drive and this morning is clear as a bell.

Where'd it go??????

Off to Pardee tomorrow to meet Rich and Mark for some bait dunking.

Till next time.



  1. I wonder how many lost fishing days bad weather reporting caused this weekend. When I was on the water yesterday I kept looking to the NW for the front that never was. Drop dead beautiful out right now!

  2. Glad to hear you didn't get hit with a big storm!

  3. Easy guarantee limits for us. New planter truck came in today. Harry nailed over 25 fish with his bubble and fly before ome guy with his loud engine kept running in spooking the fish. Hopefully these trout will trickle into the mudhole for some solid action on lures. Espciall the gold 1/4 oz. Kastmaster. That one day they were hitting it so hard it was hurting my wrist. Could be am awesome day slamming them. At the very least we can dunk and reel them in pretty easy.

  4. Sounds like a gift horse Mark. Get out and secure more plowing fees. Lol