Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoreman On Hold

Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm still here, but the truck thing is what's holding me up now. The repair guys say it'll be the end of next week until I get back my truck back. Then I can get back to fishing. Then Yuki and I are planning a trip up to Ice House Reservoir to see if it can be fished yet. More on that when it happens.

In the mean time, Yuki has been fishing the Middle Bar Bridge (outside Jackson, Ca) on the Mokelumne River and been catching a few. He's caught a couple of Browns on night crawlers and a few Rainbow planters on Power Bait.

For the next week or so, it's rain, rain, rain, out here. This morning at the Natomas Dam, they are showing a bunch of gates open. Yesterday the output was 17,156 cfs. A lot of water going down the American.

You can always tell when we have a lot of water coming down. We have a road just East of Sacramento called Scott Rd. There is an area that the water runs over the road when we have a lot of rainfall. This morning the road is closed because of the water.

That's it for today. Till I find something else interesting.


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  1. Stay as dry as you can, and, I will wait to hear from you and Yuki on your next trip.