Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ice House Reservoir Yesterday

Yuki and I made it up there yesterday. We arrived at 0930 and took a look at the place by the dam where I wanted to fish. The snow there was still a little deep as we were sinking up to our knees trying to get to the water. The snow from the parking lot to the water was about 100 yards and just a little too far to dig a trail. Wasn't feeling that energenetic.

We drove over to the launch ramp and parked by the bottom of the ramp in the 'No Parking" zone. There wasn't anyone else up there so why not? Walked around to the right and found a spot that looked like it might be somewhat deep out a ways. We both put out two rods with Power Bait on slip sinker rigs and sat down to wait. While we were waiting, I took some shots around the lake.

From right to left, the dam (notice how low the water level is) and across the lake.

Over to the left and next to us. You can see Yuki's rods.

Same spot with Yuki's rods, just a little inland view. Give you an idea of the snow still on the ground. Ice House Reservoir is at an elevation of 5450 ft. We fished from 0930 to about 2:00 pm and then called it a day. Probably a good thing too, I got fried. It was sunshine, blue skies, and in the mid-50's. An absolutely beautiful high mountain day.

Oh yeh, want to know if we caught any fish? We did. Four between us, two small ones (about 9") and two larger ones about 10"-11". Considering the guys in the only boat we saw got skunked and a group of three guys on the far bank got skunked, I think we did well.

I also took my little "find junk" tour around the area where we were and you won't believe it. Another golf ball. This time a Titleist 2 Pro V1.

Believe it or not, we are expecting snow on Thursday, AGAIN. I'm spending the rest of this week cutting trees and cleaning up around the house. I may sneak out on day and fish Spot X (from the April 2nd post) and see if I can scare up a fish or two. Let you know if I can get out.

Next week I want to run down to Rancho Seco Lake and try out a fly that Bill Trussel (Fishing Through Life) sent me. He says it's a good Crappie fly and Rancho Seco is supposed to have trophy Crappie in it, so I just can't resist. Let you know if that happens too.

Good to be back. Now I'm off to cut trees.



  1. What a beautiful lake!
    You stomped on that patch of snow earlier this week, didn't you?

  2. Hey John. Yesterday was the first stomping on Ice House this year. Too damn much snow before. I'm going to try again in a week or two and see if I can get by the dam. Depends on how much snow we get later this week.


  3. Gorgeous lake. Looks like somewhere I would like to stomp around.

  4. I agree with John and Howard, sure is a pretty lake that is just calling my name. Thanks for the tour. BTW, that is a good reminder to all of us to use early season sunscreen!

  5. Good to see Ice house again, need to get up there this summer. Glad you caught fish Mark. When are you hitting Seco? I might join you out there.

  6. I'm with Howard, Mel and John. I would like to see some pictures once spring and summer finally arrives up there.

  7. I was up there Sunday the 10th. Very cold in the a.m. 17 degrees. lots of snow too. Warmed up nicely though. Only a couple of boats out trolling. Great bite. Caught 7 really nice trout. Good luck! Floyd