Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Favorite Outdoor Food

I've been running like a madman for the last week. My wifes car decided to take a crap and with repairs looming on the horizon to the tune of a several thousand dollars, arrangements have been made to get her a new car. This, my friends, is the reason I've taken so long responding to the challange.

Mine is simple, BBQ. I run the BBQ 12 months a year. If it's sunny, great. If it's raining, stand closer to the house and reach out to turn what ever is on the grill. If it's snowing, brush it off, or in some cases, shovel it off, and keep cooking.

Oh, I don't charcoal. Mine is a propane, two burner, BBQ. I can whip up some chicken tenders for a Caesar Salad in minutes or burn them to a crisp in an hour, while being distracted by blogging. As recent as yesterday I managed to char 4 chicken tenders while being distracted by listening to Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt sing "Don't know much" 4 or 5 times.

So there you are. My favorite outdoor food. I'm going to try to get out once this week before general trout season opens on Saturday (April 30th), then hit the Mokelumne on opening day and see what I can scare up with a fly rod.

That's it for now. Till next time.



  1. Mark
    Barbecue anything is good for the soul and the stomach---and listening to Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville has got to be up there with some the best 70's tunes. To me the 70's produced some of the best artist and songs ever. Man do they bring back memories.

  2. Sounds like if I ever make it to Northern California Trout headquarters, I will be well fed anyway. Love good BBQ food! Good luck on Opening Day.

  3. Sorry to hear about the wife's car. That's a lot of steak and lobster on the Barbie. BBQ is a must for anybody who likes good food. I think I need to give mine a clean and get it going:)

  4. I like you grill outdoors all year. And a slight crisp on the chicken adds depth.
    On the Mokelumne, I read a good book on the wild trout in that wilderness.
    Very good read

  5. I grill year 'round. Everything tastes better hot off the grill. Good luck with the wife's car.

  6. Anything burned beyond recognition outdoors is good. Good luck on the opener Mark.

  7. BBQ, now you're talking. I can't wait for grillin' season to really get going out here.

  8. My favorite BBQ item is a whole salmon,remove head & tail,split open,add garlic butter,oions,bell peppers,mushrooms,& salt & pepper to taste,cook 1/2 hour or so serve with white rice,whine & leamon.