Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening Day Is Going To Be A Drag

A week from Saturday (April 30th) is opening day of the general trout season in California. I've not been up the hill to check out the lakes since about November last year. Today seemed like a good day to take a trip upcountry. Right out of the starting gate, the electronic notification board, as I hit Highway 88, said "Chain Controls before Kirkwood Ski Resort". Kirkwood is between Silver Lake and Caples Lake. I did stop at Cooks Station for coffee, just in case.

Cruised up to Bear River Resort (elevation 5850 ft) and the only water I saw was a small patch near the dam. It would take a snow mobile, Quad Runner with chains, or snow shoes to get anywhere near the water. I moved on.

Above - No fishing at Bear River anytime soon.

Next I drove up to Silver Lake (elevation 7261 ft). This time, no open water at all.

Above - No fishing at Silver Lake anytime soon, either. Drove over Carson Spur (elevation 7990 ft) and by Kirkwood Resort without encountering any chain controls and continued to Caples Lake (elevation 7806 ft).

Above - No fishing at Caples Lake anytime soon.

Past Caples Lake, the road started to get a bit slippery. 4 wheel drive was in order. Made it over Carson Pass (elevation 8650) and stopped for a photo of Red Lake (elevation 8200).

Above - Red Lake from the turn out at Carson Pass. No fishing here.

My take on the lakes up here is that it'll be June before any serious fishing will happen. Stop over at California Dreaming for a shot of my truck at 7000 ft.

Two more things and then I'm out out of here. One, it was snowing at 8000 ft and two, there are bud on the Dogwood. No flowers, but buds. I'm hopeful.

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  1. Even with all that snow I wish I lived there.

  2. Hey Mark,
    Now I know why you are so anxious to start fishing: those places must be beautiful during the summer and fall. Great pictures.

  3. Amazing pics Mark. Maybe you should reconsider ice fishing!

  4. Bummer man. Looks like you might have to take up snowboarding for a while:) GOOD LUCK.

  5. Hey bud, your link isn't working in this post.

  6. Better find some low laying water some place until Summer comes. Great views of the upper country.

  7. Nice pics! I have to agree with Ed , must be some really nice water there when it's not frozen. Hopefully winter will be over soon and you can get some fishing done.

  8. Too cold for me thanks. your California Dreaming link in the post is wrong.

  9. Cool photos Mark,same problem here in Oregon,either the rivers are high or you can't get into the lakes because of snow,your flies where sent out yesterday (4-18-2011,tight lines.

  10. Thanks guys. Sorry about the link thing. The real link is always on the top left of the page if you want to wander over. Never claimed to be a computer wiz. That's why I have my wife. She's the computer Babe.

    John - NO ICE FISHING FOR ME. I'm a chicken at heart.

    David - As the say south of the border, Muchas Gracias.


  11. Mark
    I am glad I live in a warmer climate, after seeing all that snow. Hope you make it out soon to one of those streams or lakes.