Saturday, April 2, 2011

What A Catching Day

Got to spot X (I got that from Mizlan at Dark Art Caster) at 10:00am. I was to meet Yuki and his friends and he had to do the animal chore thing first. I can't reveal the spot because I've been sworn to secrecy, although some fishermen must know about it, there were about 20 people there. Picked a spot, changed to a 3/4 ounce egg sinker because of the current, and put out two rods with night crawlers. It was fish after fish after fish all in the pound to two pound category. Every time you put a rod out, you had a fish one. Believe this? April Fools. Wait, that was yesterday. OK, I was there yesterday so it should apply. Had you going, huh? The day actually turned out to be two fish in the pound and a half size. One on a night crawler and one on Rainbow Power Bait. I'm still sworn to secrecy and the 3/4 egg sinker applies. Weather wise it was pushing 80 degrees with blue skies. A good amount of the guys fishing caught one or two while I was there. On the way out, I stopped for a spring photo (see California Dreaming) and headed home at about 2:00pm. Good thing I did, I noticed this morning my face was a bit red and the tops of my ears were a little tender. Last week, I told you about all the snow we've had over the last month or so, well, here is a photo of all that's left.

That's it for all my five acres. Maybe this afternoon when I get home, I'll walk down and stomp on it so it will go away faster. Ok, Monday Yuki and I are wandering up to Ice House Reservoir to see if we can do some fishing. It's a long drive (about 2 hours) so I hope we can get to the lake. We'll let you know.

Till then.



  1. Now that the snow is gone, cross your fingers, can I have me some more Northern California Trout. Fish on!

  2. Don't get it mad Mark, it's friends might come back for revenge.LOL

  3. Good to see you have thawed out and got right back into it.
    Tight lines