Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

Last Tuesday, Rebecca over at OBN gave us a prompt to write why we as bloggers, blog. Back in January 2009 I started this blog as a way to let the local fishermen know what was happening in the fishing world, locally. My mission statement (A Blog designed to share my experiences as a trout fisherman and some other stuff. To let fishermen and fisherwomen everywhere know where I've fished, what I caught, and what I used to catch them. Knowledge that has been held close to the vest by the many and shared by the few) pretty much sums it up. There wasn't a "good" fishing report any where. Oh, there were the "canned" reports that said if you go here and use this, you'll catch limits of really big trout. When you when there, used that, you caught ZIP. So I started writing. January 2009 I posted 17 times. I started on January 7th with an explanation of why I started this blog. The main reason is that I got blown off by the local newspaper when I tried to contact them about their bogus fishing reports. I have to note that I now write columns for that same newspaper. I claim First Amendments Rights so they don't shoot me on sight. Maybe the Fifth Amendment (I will not answer on the ground it may incriminate me). Hell, I don't know. From then on, this blog took on a life of it's own. You can see the followers, the blogs I follow on the blog roll, and all the kind readers that have been here, by the little blue dots on the revolver map. Each dot is one of you and I thank each one for taking the time to stop by. Obviously all those dots enjoy reading what I write and that's the reason I blog. So Rebecca, there you have it. Mark

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  1. Mark
    Great explanation, I am like you I just want to share with others. By the way I mailed the black gnat last week. I just posted a trip I got back on this past week. I have an image of the black gnat on the post. Have a great weekend.