Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remodel Update

Just a quick note to let everyone know I've caught up on all the posts, but I'm not (for some Blogger reason) able to comment. When I try to comment, Blogger sends me to Google to sign in and then I try to post the comment and Blogger sends me back to Google to sign in again and so on and so on. Catch 22 in a big way.

I want to especially thank Ed at for the trip back to the 60's with the link for the Loving Spoonful and Daydream. I couldn't comment, but thanks man.

I know you don't care how it's coming, hell no body should. Remodeling is a pain in the ass, so here I go. Removed all the fixtures and all the dry wall (remember the wall paper was pulling off the paper on the sheet rock). The plumber updated the plumbing for the shower and installed the new fiberglass shower. In the following week, I had to put up the sheetrock around the shower. If you've never done this, the sheetrock comes from the ceiling down to the lip on the new shower. That's when the problems occured. To correctly install the shower door, it needed to be plumb. This required shims behind the shower making it 1/4 inch from the wall. That in turn required installing Hardie Board on the walls to make it even, then sheetrock. Then, of course, I had to install Hardie board on the rest of the wall to make it all even. Shower door got installed a week ago last Tuesday.

OK, sheetrock is installed on all the walls, taped and mudded, and now I'm spraying the skip trowel (spray on mud and let partially dry, then run the trowel over and create the texture on the wall). Once it's painted, all I have to do is reinstall the toilet, and all the new fixtures and it's done. I did take half a day off, today to catch up on all my reading.

Pictures to follow once it's finished.

Finally, it's raining again and there's a chance of snow tonight. Will winter ever go away?????? Maybe I'll take a day next week and run up the hill. See if any of the lakes are open. If I go, I'll let you know. Still more work in the bathroom.



  1. Mark...I hope it put you in a good mood like I was after listening to that song. Thanks for the mention.

    Snow???? Now???? I thought New England was bad.

  2. I know what you mean. I'm in the midst of an outdoor remodel

  3. Mark, a lot of problems it seems from Blogger base nowadays. Hope you can get it figured out soon as I miss you stopping by and leaving comments. All that re-modeling stuff sounds like a lot of work too me. I thought you were retired!

  4. I feel for you, I am about to start on my roof. Yuck!

  5. Did you say snow. Will winter ever depart in your neck of the woods.

  6. Mark
    I know where you are coming from with the sheet rock, a lot of sanding. Snow there and here today close to 97, what a difference.

  7. It’s always been my dream to buy a house that needs LOTS of work, and do everything myself – I mean, gut the thing from shingles to floorboards, and really make it my own. Well, I’m finally ready to buy my first fixer-upper, so I’m gathering ideas for my first Northern Virginia remodeling project! Now where to start – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living area, dining room…*sigh! It’s so hard to decide. Thanks for the ideas! I’m so excited to get started!! :D