Friday, June 10, 2011

80's Week, The Second To The Last Day

The 80's were not pleasant. I'd just as soon forget about them. Interesting how, when your my age, you can forget about a whole decade.

Yesterday I took the day off and met Yuki at the Mokelumne River on Electra Rd. If you want to see pictures, go here:

We fished the same place I talked about in that post and had the same results as I had in that post. Nada. The only positive was that a girl came by and said that there were a bunch of fish at the power house, but they couldn't hook them either. By that time my "get up and go" had "got up and went" so I made a note to fish there another day.

Now it's back to the remodel. Almost done. A little caulking, a little painting, a light over the sink, and a trip to the dump. As soon as it's complete, I'll post pictures. Then I'll get back to fishing on a regular basis.



  1. Glad to hear the project is coming to a close. Hope you get a chance to get back on the water soon. Tight Lines!!!!

  2. Mark
    Go back to the 70's with a little CCR or 3-Dog Night and that might speed up this project. Hope you get back on the water soon.

  3. Might as well rock out while you're working.