Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Final Goodbye

Mission Accomplished

Back in January 2009, I started this blog it was with the intent of letting local trout fishermen know where I’ve fished, what I caught, and where I caught them. The mission statement at the top of the blog is what I’ve tried to follow over the past 2 ½ years.

A Blog designed to share my experiences as a trout fisherman and some other stuff. To let fishermen and fisherwomen everywhere know where I've fished, what I caught, and what I used to catch them. Knowledge that has been held close to the vest by the many and shared by the few.

Since then, I feel I’ve accomplished that mission is spades. But, on top of that, Northern California Trout has taken on a life of its own and gone in a bunch of different directions. Agreed, I do the posting, but it was never my intention for Northern California Trout to do this. I’ve resisted, for the most part, representing anything for sale, indorsing anything, and delving into politics (with the exception of the Jane Fonda thing).

I’ve met a lot of great people from all over the world via this blog. Thank you, to all 126 of my followers, for reading what I’ve written. Thank you all, for commenting as often as you’ve done. Thank you all for being my friends.

But I’ve come to a point where I think it’s time to turn off Northern California Trout, California Dreaming, and get out of the blogging business.

Why you ask? Good question. I find myself spending so much time in front of a computer; I don’t have time to do what needs to be done around here. My health being what it is (and don’t worry, there is nothing wrong) only allows me a certain number of hours a day to do anything and then I’m done for that day. Many of those hours are taken up with the business of blogging and I need to apply them elsewhere.

So, for the last couple of months I’ve been struggling to post something, just to keep the blog going. This is not what Northern California Trout was supposed to be, so I’m calling it quits. I may be back in the future, maybe not. We’ll see.

In the words of Edward R Murrow (who, when joining CBS in 1935, had only one person on his staff who was, coincidently, named Bob Trout):

"Good night and good luck."

Mark aka Shoreman -


  1. Bugger - keep in touch my good man.

  2. It's been fun reading your blog, but I understand your reasons for not wanting to continue.

    Good luck and take care!

  3. Mark....thanks for the tips and comments on my blog during the past several months.

    Best wishes and good health to you and your family.


  4. Good luck to you in your future plans. Your blog was always there with the right things..
    Clean honest, and always to the point.

    I have enjoyed your comments on my blog, truly appreciated.

    Tune us in once and awhile.


  5. Mark, I'm going to miss you man. Good luck with whatever you spend your "spare" time on. I hope we hear from you once in awhile.

  6. Totally understood, Mark. I ran an online forum for a few years, and it's amazing how much of a sense of responsibility you have (as well as the accompanying stress) when you have an audience.

    Tight lines, and best of luck!

  7. Hey bud, if you're ever in Florida and want to do a little casting, look me up.

  8. Mark I feel terrible that you are leaving blogging. I believe you have read and commented on dang near every blog I have wrote. To leave blogging is like leaving a community? Or will you continue to read and comment, just not create your own posts? Maybe just leave your blog on your back burner and share a story from time to time?

    Anyway I want to say you are a super dumper nice guy who is always positive and supportive of the writings of others. Truly the world is a much better place with you in it.

  9. Well, Mark, you blew me away with this last post! You have been a great supporter of my blog. Kind of feel like one of my arms just fell off. I have also appreciated all the emails we have shared over time. More than one time you have inspired me to write something on my blog, and, on other times I was known to borrow some material from you as a post lead in. Whatever you decide to do, may peace and good health reign supreme my friend. You will be in my thoughts. Don't make yourself scarce over on my blog, ya' here!

  10. Hey Mark,

    I will miss seeing the posts pop up in my dashboard. I hear you about blogs taking up a lot of time. I use Dial Up so it is extremely time consuming :) It's been great and good luck to you in your future adventures.. Tight Lines to you and Thanks....Say hi to Cali for me...

  11. Mark, sorry to hear you are going. It has been my pleasure to know you. Maybe just leave your blog up and if you decide to post something then it is already here with all of you readers linked up. Just an idea. Take care my friend.
    Tight lines

  12. Good luck on the outside, Mark! I can't count the times I have tried to quit. You seem stable and strong enough to do it, and I'm sure the trout won't be that much safer.

    Take care!

  13. I wish you well friend. Totally understand the decision as this blogging thing does take quite a bit of time. That said, hope it leaves you more time to chase fish and flipper around in the float tube Cumberland.


  14. Mark
    Hate to see you go, but I do understand, because there are times when I think, I will fold up the tent and quit too---but something keeps drawing me back to all these individuals whom I've come to know on the blog circuit. I have really enjoyed reading your post weather its about fishing or working on your house, you always made it interesting. Take care and continue to go fishing and enjoy life.