Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WCWS Finals Game 1 & Fishing

Game 1 goes to Arizona State by a score of 14-4. Game 2 is on now.

Took a run up Highway 88 this morning to check out the lakes. With the exception of Bear River Reservoir, all the lakes are still frozen. To fish Bear River it would have taken a 1/2 mile walk because the gate is still closed. I wasn't up for the hike, so I passed. Looks like it'll still be a couple of weeks or possible more until Silver, Caples, and Red Lakes are fishable.



  1. 14-4? Somebody forgot to tell Florida to bring the football team too.

  2. Wow, lakes still frozen? Are you sure you're not just having a hallucinogenic experience?

  3. I am not from MO but I would like to see frozen lakes in June (that is crazy).