Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last year I did a couple of posts on woman's college softball and the little league world series. The time has arrived for the Woman's College World Series again this year. Starts today at 1pm Eastern time on ESPN. If you are any kind of baseball fan, and I know a bunch of you are, you should take in a couple of these games. You will not be disappointed.

The playoffs to the final games are a double elimination, that being the team has to lose two games to be out of the tournament. Again, they start today and the championship games begin Monday June 6th at 7pm (central time as the games are played in Oklahoma City) all on ESPN. Don't miss them.

As for the Little league World Series, not yet, but I'll let you know. This is softball and little league baseball at it's finest.

Nothing to be gained except recognation. A little tune (ala Howard) that applies.



  1. My son is a big fan of baseball. He will be excited to see some of the little league games.

  2. I love the LLWS.

    I usually don't watch woman softball but in 2010 my buddy from work had me watch (from afar) his brother's girls softball team win their division:

  3. Baseball, softball. It's all so wonderful.

  4. I watch a little bit mostly because they are amazing, but I'm really not a baseball/softball fan. Been awhile since I heard the Beach Boys.