Friday, July 15, 2011

Shadless Thursday

My plan for yesterday was to drop by the lab and give the vampires some blood, run down to Sacramento, meet my son for breakfast, and hit the American River for shad. The best laid plans of mice and men comes to a screeching halt.

Part one went as planned. Got to the lab at 0730 and was 4th in line. Good thing I got there then, because right after I got there, 6 more people showed up. Would have been there forever then. I have to say that the people at Quest Diagnostics are quick taking blood. So after 4 tubes of the red stuff and pee in the bottle, I was on my way.

The plan was to meet Ken at the restaurant a 0930 and since I got to Sacramento at about 0845 I decided that I needed to go by American Fly Fishing Company and pick up a couple of flies. Fill in the holes in my streamer fly box where the flies that were in there were eaten by trees, bushes, and the like. Thirty-five bucks later, I was back on the road to the restaurant.

Got to the restaurant at 0918, called and left Ken a message I was there, and with coffee on the table commenced to read a book. The video conference that Ken was attending was going well and he was just about ready to jam out of there when his boss entered the conference at the Southern California site. So, the conference that was supposed to be out at, oh say 0920, turned out to be in session until about 1020. I mean, you can't just run out of a meeting with the boss to have breakfast with dad, can you? By the time he got to breakfast and we talked, it was just past 11:00 when we finished.

With a couple of errands yet to run, I had to decide whether to run the errands or fish. All the reports said that shad weren't hitting mid-day, so it was errands. Besides, it was errands that had to do with our wedding anniversary.

I'm tied up all next week, so I guess shad fishing will be a bust this year. Too bad, because the water level in the river was down below 5000cfs yesterday. Would have probably caught something. Oh well, maybe next year.

Till next time.



  1. Hi Mark!
    Sorry to hear your trip was a bust. How long do the shad run the river?

  2. Hey Mark, I'm glad someone is able to at least make plans...even if you didn't go. Keep trying.

  3. Things sometimes just don't let a man follow the river. I have enjoyed reading your Shad adventures in the past. Happy coming up Anniversary!

  4. Hey John. They run from mid-May until the end of June most years. This one was different because of the high water. Kept them around an extra couple of weeks, but I think it's about done.

  5. Mark
    Don't you just hate it when all other things get in the way of fishing

  6. I really hate it when someone else's work gets in the way of fishing, my own work is bad enough.