Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take A Friend, And A Friend Of A Friend, Fishing

My neighbor Roy has a friend, who has a cabin up Highway 4 around the Arnold area. We hooked up with Alex at Mickey D’s in Angels Camp for a little Power Bait soaking on Angels Creek.

Now, according to the Department of Fish & Game planting schedule, they were to plant Angels Creek every week for the last, hell I don’t know, bunch of weeks. This would make one think that there should be a whole lot of fish in that creek even if the fishing pressure was enormous.
Sworn to secrecy, I took Roy and Alex to the “secret” spot. You know the place down on Finnigan Lane. I let them fish the deep hole in hopes that they would nail one or two. T’was not to be. In fact, I didn’t see anything that even looked like a fish.

OK, plan B. Well, not exactly plan B, more like move to another spot on the creek. We had planned to hit all three holes anyway, so we moved to the hole by the recreation area. Almost immediately, Alex drew first blood with a small, but feisty little Rainbow about 9 inches in length. Within a minute or so, Roy hooked up a Rainbow about 11 inches. Me, I’m sitting upstream watching fish being caught while I continue to twiddle my thumbs.

I left them to continue catching in that hole and I walked downstream to fish another calm area. Guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching, because all I was doing was fishing. Since I didn’t “catch” anything there either, I wandered back to the guys to see if they had caught anything else. It looked like there was only those two fish in that spot.

I wanted to fish the other spot across from the fire station, but Alex called it a day. Roy and I drove down there and I fished a silver Panther Martin for a while, but didn’t see any fish at all. At that point, Roy & I called it a day and headed back home.

If the DFG planted the creek last week, I don’t know where the fish went. If they are still going to plant this week, Friday should be hot. At this point I think the water and I didn’t have the Handy Dandy William Joseph point and click thermometer (it’s attached to my fly fishing vest) with me to check the temperature, but the water just might be getting too warm to do any more fishing in the creek this year.

That’s it for “Take a friend, and a friend of a friend, fishing”. Alex scored, Roy scored, and Shoreman got skunked. That’s OK though because it fulfills my mission statement. Help others catch fish.

We did stop at the Mokelumne River at Electra Road to see if the river had gone down any.It had, but still a whole lot of water coming down the river and it's still not safe to be anywhere around the dam. I'll have to wait a bit more before I give that a try.

Till next time.



  1. It's been a strange year all over Mark. High water, desperation, carp fishing, bass catching. Oh well, there's always a price to pay.

  2. None of us can catch a fish if our line isn't in the water. Persistence, usually, will pay off! Maybe next time, my friend! Today was a purpose day.

  3. Just figured out you still are posting! Welcome back!

  4. Mark
    I have been there and it use to brother me that i would come up on the short end, but now I know that fishing for me is more about being outdoors than catching--the catching is a plus for me.