Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Bear Encounter, Almost, I Think

You all know from previous posts that I've had some bear problems in the past. Most recently Tuesday the 16th.

Since that time I've been vigilant about watching my surroundings when I'm out on the property. This morning I went out to the hot tub, that we never use because it's too far from the house (about 100 yards), to see if there was any water in it. I've had it covered for the last two years, but the tarp is showing signs of deterioration and might be allowing water into the hot tub. When I pulled the cover off I found water in the hot tub, in fact it was full. It was a bit dirty, but nothing green and slimy growing in the water. So I drained it.

It took several hours, during which time I did some cleaning of the tub and the grounds around the area. The last of the water needs to be almost sponged out. While I was doing that I heard something up the hill, across the creek from where I was working. It sounded like teeth clicking.

Out on there is a video of a Black Bear making a noise they call clacking their teeth or jaw popping. This is exactly the sound I heard. First up on the hill behind me, then again out aways from where I was, but down the hill on the same side of the creek I was on. They say Black Bear do this when they are agitated or nervous.

I never saw the bear, if it was one, but I think it's time to start carrying a sidearm when I'm walking around the property.

What do you guys think about the sound I heard?



  1. "If a Black Bear is clacking its teeth together and or pawing at the ground this means you are too close back away slowly do not run, talk softly and do not ever look a Black Bear in the Eyes."

    Found that in a posting on this site:

    Scroll down a bit to find it. BTW, did you get the links I sent for the site that has the smoking recipes?

  2. Yep, Jaw popping is what I've heard it called and it's quite distinct. Bubba needs to carry a firearm.

  3. Sounds like you need a sidearm to me. Or some bear mace just in case. Never know what a wild animal is really thinking. If theres crazy people there are probably crazy bears. Good luck and stay safe. Tight Lines..

  4. Don't have much experience with bears but I would carry S&W 50 caliber side arm.

    Here is a review:

  5. Mark
    You got me there with the teeth---have you consider a bear trap?