Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Morning Of Trash Pickup And Fishing

When I got up this morning at 0455 I noticed the motion sensor lights behind my shop were on. Nothing unusual because the deer set it off, the foxes set it off, the raccoons set it off, so I didn't pay it much attention other than listening if there was anything going on. I didn't hear anything, so I went back to bed for another 15 minutes of "I doubt I'll get any more" sleep.

Got the wife up at 0515 (this is our normal time to get up), had our coffee, and listened to the news as we usually do on a weekday morning. After I got dressed I continued to do my morning chores like watering our trees and three huge tomato plants (that's another post). In the back of my mind was that nagging light from 0455, so I wandered down to the shop and around behind.

Since all the trash from the trash can was on the ground in a big heap, one can only assume a bear decided I needed something else to do this morning. Now, the trash can (one of those green 90 gallon things with wheels) is chained to the shop. It also has a chain is wrapped around the can and both are held with padlocks. The bear managed to get one paw inside the can and pull everything out. Guess the motion sensor light doesn't scare him any more. Bet my .357 will.

Once the wife was off to work, I drove to Cooks Station for a cup of coffee and then on to Bear River Reservoir for a little sit on my butt fishing. Put out one rod with Rainbow Power Bait and the other with a blown up mini-crawler on slip sinker rigs.

The first fish came about a half hour after I started fishing on the crawler. After that it was all Power Bait. Since I haven't caught many recently, I kept all five for Bob. Got to keep him in fish. After all, Winter is coming. The key to today's catching was pitching my bait as far out as I could. I estimate I was fishing at about 150 feet from shore. I would have made Tim Lincecum proud. What! you guys don't watch the San Francisco Giants. Get it? Pitching - Tim Lincecum. You guys are a tough audience.

That's it until the next time. Oh, no dip in the lake this time.



  1. I bet that .357 will keep him out the trash. Racoons are the worst thing I have to worry about picking through my trash.

  2. Mark you crack me up. Tim who?

    signed a Colorado Rockies fan

  3. Sounds like the Bear had better watch his paws the next time you fill up the trash can. I can hear you now talking to that Bear. "Ok, go ahead and make my day".
    On the fishing end of it, good day fishing, and I am duly impressed that you can cast 150 feet from shore.
    Baseball wise, couple of tough nights for the Giants in Atlanta the last couple of nights. Of course, I am a big Braves fan so I enjoyed it!

  4. The bear has nothing to fear as long as you keep going back to bed for another 15 minutes.

  5. Damn that bear. I think you have the right idea regarding the "repellent."

    I can handle Tim Lincecum (although my Phillies can't)...Brian Wilson on the other hand....

  6. Mark
    The Powerbait is a killer for anything that swims. Thanks for sharing.