Friday, September 2, 2011

The Background Picture

I change them every once in a while just to keep everyone interested. This one is of the East Fork of the Walker River near Bridgeport, California. Bridgeport is on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada's, south of Carson City, Nevada on Highway 395.

East Fork is one of those protected trout places. You can only fish artifical lures with barbless hooks. The bag limit is 1 from the last Saturday in April until November 15th. The fish has to be a minimum of 18 inches. From November 16th through the Friday preceeding the last Saturday in April, the bag limit is 0.

I fished this river last Summer and if you remember the post, I mentioned the guy walking right down the center of the river? Well, I think the guy in the picture is him.

So keep watching as I change the picture from time to time.



  1. You do have some pretty water around you.

  2. Cold and clear, Mark! Sounds like special regs are making this a fun place to fish.

  3. All your header photos have been top shelf