Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roy Still Needs More Practice

My neighbor Roy (you know him from previous posts) is up from San Mateo, so we planned a day up at Caples.

Rolled out of the house at 0730 and stopped at Cooks Station for coffee. This time I let him buy because he blamed the last crappy trip on the fact I paid for coffee. Coffee in hand, we headed up the mountain for Caples Lake.

I picked the same place (the dead tree) as I fished in the last post ( so maybe we'd catch a couple of fish. We got there at 0830 and I didn't even bother with lures, just put out two rods with Power Bait and Roy put out one (he only has a one rod license until next year).

I took first blood with a 11 inch Rainbow. Roy took second, with one the same size. Things were looking good because it was only a half hour into the day. Then I took #3 and #4 for the stringer. We hung out until 1030 then decided to run down to Silver Lake and fish the rocks. We had decided that if Silver Lake didn't pan out, we could always run down to Bear River and try there.

We got set up on the rocks and I had barely thrown out my first line and I had one on. Then I caught the second one and a third one. In between fish, I was over yakking with a couple of guys next to us. You know me, get me near another fisherman and the next thing you know we are deeply into swapping fishing stories.

I walked back over to where Roy was and he had caught one and put it on the stringer. I caught one more and at this point we had five on the stringer. Since we already had four in the bucket and five on the stringer (you only get 5 each), I pulled in my rods and let Roy have at it. Good teacher and neighbor and all that.

Now comes the controversy. I put one line back out and Roy put his out and they were this far apart.............. Roy got a bite and when we got the fish in, my line and his line were tangled. Once he got the fish off, I got his rod and my rod to separate the lines and guess what? The hooks were tangled together. So the controversy is: was the fish on his hook or on my hook? We'll never know, but he takes credit for the fish. I concede, it was probably on his hook, maybe......

OK, so a much better day because he bought coffee. I'll know better in the future. Next week Fall is going to roll in here like a herd of elephants. They are saying rain at least Monday through Thursday. Might put a damper (yuk, yuk) on fishing.

Till the next adventure, remember, a bad day fishing is better than any day at work unless you're a fishing guide.



  1. I am more convinced than ever that I should let you teach me a thing or two about those Califonia high country lakes. Great job, Mark! Happy to see you and Roy had a great day. Fall fishing is the best time of the year so keep a line wet.

  2. Hey Mark
    I think you should "let" Roy buy the coffees more often. Similar story...several years ago while ice fishing, I went to visit friends in the other hut. Frank slid left on the bench seat for me and when I sat down a jigging stick fell off the wall and headed straight for the hole. I rescued the stick and landed a 9lb this day Frank claims it was his fish.

  3. Catching certainly enhances fishing. The bite was still off on our big waters of Lake Roosevelt last week.

  4. I have to agree with you, "a bad days fishing beats a good day at work". You seem to have had a good day.

  5. Solomon was a wise man. Offer to cut his rod in half and then let him have the fish.