Monday, September 12, 2011

Snuck Out To Wet A Line

Last night was interesting to say the least. All day it was overcast and the wind was blowing, but when the sun went down, it got really interesting. In all the years I've been listening to weather forecasts, I've never heard any of the weather guessers mention wind being pushed in front of a storm system until yesterday morning. So yesterday evening I paid attention and sure enough, as the storm approached, the wind picked up.

Now, you say, "What's the big deal with a little wind"? Have you ever watched a little wind blow a 200 foot tree back and forth across an area of about 15 feet? Kind of makes you hold your breath and hope that sucker doesn't snap. I'm not talking about one tree, I'm talking about 40 or 50 trees all moving at once.

That's what it was like last night with the addition of a lot of lightning (according to the weather reports 200 - 300 strikes per hour), a bunch of thunder, and a whole lot of rain. You guys back in the Mid-West know what I'm talking about.

I changed the background picture to reflect how it looked here this morning. Since the sun was shining, I decided to run up to Bear River Reservoir (20 miles from the house) before this afternoon's deluge comes. I stopped at Cooks Station for coffee and hit the lake at 0830, at the usual spot by the dam. I would have picked up some crawlers, but they were out, so it was Power Bait and lures.

One rod out with Rainbow Power Bait and I used my little Okuma with 2 lb test and a small Brook Trout Kastmaster. Nothing on the Brook Trout Color, so I changed to gold and then to silver. Third cast with the silver and I had a nice 9 inch Rainbow on. Got it in (lip hooked) and gently released it for another day. After that, nothing on Kastmasters.

Then came the fun part. Put on a Rainbow Trout color F-9 Rapala to see if I could get any interest. Well, that went south when it got tangled in a bunch of line and broke my line. It was only 5 feet or so off shore, but deep enough that I couldn't get to it.

Plan B - tie a "crap" Kastmaster on the rod with 4# test and retrieve it. Good plan, but the 4# broke leaving the "crap" Kastmaster with the Rapala.

Plan C - go back to the truck and get the rod with 6# test and retrieve both lures. Tied on second "crap" Kastmaster and managed to get it tangled in the line, but pulled it in close enough to grab. Line broke, but I did get something for my troubles. A couple of small egg sinkers, a small split shot, and one of those 8" wire leaders with a barrel swivel on one end and a snap on the other (fodder for the window sill). A second cast and I snagged both the Rapala and the "crap" Kastmaster. Mission accomplished. One other thing, while I was walking around throwing the small kastmasters, I found a very tiny red/white bobber that will also be a part, on the window sill.

The rest of the morning produced nothing on Power Bait and nothing on any lure I threw out there.

That's it for this adventure.



  1. Oh man nothing better than finding treasure while out fishing. Great report. I love it when I am able to retrieve flies or lures that get snapped off. Tight Lines.

  2. You guys ought to follow me around, it's like a treasure hunt.

  3. Not much in the way of trout, for sure, but a heck of a job fishing out those two lures. Good for you! At least the trip had some significance in that you saved lure money.

  4. Mark....that new banner picture is awesome.

    As for wind and the dance it entices the tress to perform, Hurricane/TS Irene gave us a show back in August. It is a nice show except when it is happening near someone's house.

  5. Good old plan C. Love the new banner Mark.