Sunday, September 4, 2011

Winery Saturday Part 1

A lot to report about yesterday and our semi-annual winery trip with our winery touring friends, so I'm doing it in parts.

We met up with Ron & Suzanne in the McDonalds parking lot in Placerville at 1300 and headed out. Ron was navigating and our first stop was at Holly's Hill Vineyards in Placerville. Since I am the designated driver and don't do any tasting, I had time to wander around and shoot some pictures.

Here is the 2011 crop or future wine on the vine. OK had to put that in. Cute huh?

Some more grapes.

And some more.

A bottle of white and a bottle of dessert wine and we were on our way.

Second stop was Oakstone Winery in a little town called Fair Play on a road called Slug Gulch Road. Got to love the name. As you know, I always like wines with neat names. Remember Brayzin Hussy Red from Bray Vineyards? Well, Oakstone has a Slug Gulch Red. No pictures, but the most expensive stop of the day so you know the wine was good. By the way, I was the guy with the credit card and the designated pack mule since I wasn't tasting.

Third stop was Colibri Ridge Winery also in Fair Play. In the past I've mentioned dogs I've met. trout dogs, striper dogs, well yesterday I met a wine dog.

Meet Rufous.

And yes, Rufous has a wine named for him. Rufous Red. We didn't get any Rufous Red, but then I don't get to pick because I don't drink it. While I was wandering the tasting area, I took this shot of future releases.

To get a shot of all the barrels, I wasn't able to get a closeup of one with Rufous Red on it, but I know there were a couple, at least.

So, that's part one of the tour. Tomorrow I'll post part two which is the rest of the wineries and an outstanding restaurant where we had dinner.

Till tomorrow.



  1. Having been raised a "prune picker" I was around vineyards, orchards and orange groves and worked in them during my school years. But I went through a divorce from drinking 20 years ago and have been the DD ever since. LOL

  2. We have a few local wine makers. And they produce some great wines.

  3. Mark
    Was that a wine or whine dog?

  4. Well Mark, you got my wife's undivided attention with this post.