Monday, September 5, 2011

Winery Saturday Part 2

John, WINE dog. Not Whine.....

Part two starts at Fitzpatrick Winery also in Fair Play. You can tell by the name, it's all Irish. It's also a lodge, so if you want a nice place to stay in the Shenandoah Valley, here's one of them. This is the main entrance and the wine tasting room is on the right side. This was a short stop for one bottle of red and a glass with the winery name to replace one that got broken.

A couple of scenery shots from the deck, of the surrounding hills.

Our next stop was Granite Springs Winery just down the street. Zipping along we went by this winery and that winery, but didn't see Granite Springs. Turning around and going back, Ron being the navigator guided us to a turn off only to find they weren't there any more. Too bad, used to be good wine at this place.

Since Granite Springs was gone, we stopped at a winery called (get this) Toogood Estate Winery. Driving up to the wine tasting area, we passed several signs that said "Toogood Caves". Not going into no stinking cave...........

This is what the front of the place looked like. Looks like a cave to me.

The had a small tasting area in front, but you ahd to go insdie to purchase the bottles, so in through the door we went. Can you see that little light way in the back? Yup, it's back there.

Grabbed a couple of bottles of Muscat Canelli and then it was time for dinner. This is another winery with cool names for wine. Here's three: Foreplay, a provocative red wine. Bomb Diggity, another red, and Who's your dude?, red again.

We had reservations at a restaurant in Placerville called Sequoia (by the way, the Sequoia [tree] is the only tree with all the vowels in it's name. A little trivia for you.). Like Maranello's, a very nice restaurant. Katherine and I started with caesar salad, Ron had soup (house soup) and Suzanne had fried sweet potatoes. For dinner I had Black & White. It was a small filet mignon with a couple of huge prawns on top with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. Katherine had crab stuffed garlic prawns with rice and vegatables. Ron had lobster that was one of the daily specials with rice and garlic mashed potatoes and Suzanne had (I believe) Mediterranean Artichoke Chicken with summer roasted potatoes. I had my nose stuck too far into my filet, to pay too much attention to who had what. This is our third or fourth time eating here, and each and every time, it was to die for. If you get out Placerville (also known as Old Hangtown) I would recommend the Sequoia Restaurant. And no, I got nothing for this endorsment.

Fishing will be in short supply next week as I have two trips to Sacramento and one to the dentist that will take up 3 of the remaining 4 days of this week. If I can make it Friday, I'll let you know and if I can't, Sunday for sure.

Till then.



  1. I love wine tasting. But I usually need a driver as I taste too much. Looks like great fun. Cheers

  2. Mark
    A glass of wine a day is good for the soul and your health as well. Good post.