Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Skunked Is Getting Old

Besides, who can catch fish in this weather?

And, I left the house at 0545, the middle of the night.

The wife had to be to work early this morning, so I just hopped into the truck and ran out to Lake Amador to see if I could catch a couple of Cutbows. I tried every color of Kastmaster (did get a couple of drive by's on Brook Trout and solid gold colors), Sonic Red Roostertail, gold Panther Martin and Rainbow Power Bait with corn, anise, and Threadfin Shad flavors.

The new thing I tried was a black Wooly Bugger on a 4 foot leader under a clear bobber 1/2 full of water. Supposed to be to go-to way for catching. Obviously it didn't go-to for me.

So it was yucky (weather wise) when I got there at 0630, the fog lifted a bit around 1000, and then the fog came back around 1100 and looked just like the picture again.

The joys of winter in Northern California.

I'm going to take a nap. Till next time.


ps, the new picture is of White Pines Lake last summer.


  1. Rockin' all over the world Shoreman!

  2. I can sense the frustration. Hang in there, you and the fish will get synced up soon. Fly and a bubble technique has been good too me, but, I haven't fished with that set up in a long time.
    Love the picture you have up on your blog header now!

  3. Don't give up, they have to eat some time. I just broke my dry spell with a couple of nice fish, so I'm smilin' again.