Monday, December 26, 2011

Lake Camanche Once More

Man, this new computer is FAST. Santa brought me (besides the computer) a wireless keyboard and mouse. Makes typing and mousing a lot faster. It still has a couple of problems to be worked out, like the revolver map that doesn't work and a few problems with Internet Explorer 8, but I'm sure the IT Guru (wife) will get those fixed.

Other than that, I left the house at 0730 with a temp of 33 degrees and drove down the hill to Lake Camanche. My plan was to launch the Float Tube Cumberland, but I had too many things that needed to be done to make it all come together, so rather than stay home and work on the problems, I went to fish from the shore. I'll float tube on Wednesday or Thursday depending on some other stuff going on.

Got to the lake at 0845 and set up my chair, two rods with Rainbow Power Bait, and my cup of coffee from Starbucks on the way. How's that for luxury fishing?

First fish came at 0910, second one at 0920 that broke the line. A fray in the leader, I think. Third fish was at 0935, then a bite and miss at 0940. Then it got quiet. Nothing until 11:15 and then the fifth one. Numbers six & seven came between 11:15 and Noon. The five brought to hand were gently released. Today was a catch and release day.

Below is a shot of the houses that border the lake across from where I was fishing. You can see the cove I was fishing in (The same place, to the exact chair indentations, as Tuesday) and I think you can understand why I want to put the Float Tube Cumberland in there.

Down to the left of where I was seated. You can see the nice sandy beach compared to the other side of the pennsula that is rocks and clay to the shore.

So the 2011 fishing year is winding down rapidly, but I think I can get one more day on the water before the end comes.

Before I left this morning, I had one of those wild ideas I get once in a while. That being "Hey, everyone should be shopping or at work and there probably won't be anyone out there". Huh, you say. I, being retired and to which a day off has no meaning, didn't know that today is the holiday for Christmas. The place was packed. Can't tell by the picture, but the other side of the pennsula was wall to wall people. Nothing close to combat fishing mind you, but a lot of fishermen. On our side, it was me and two other guys to my right. I think we caught more fish that the whole group on the other side, too. We'll just keep that a secret.

Ok, that's it. Stuff to do around the house and it's almost time to feed the kids (cats). You know how they are. They don't get fed by 3:30, it's another call to the SPCA about cat abuse. They now have the SPCA on speed dial. And you thought they couldn't get those little clawed toes on the phone keys.

Till the next adventure.



  1. Congrats on the computer Mark! (As a side note, consider using Google Chrome as your browser. I love it!)


  2. Well, sure didn't take you long to get over the Christmas feast and hit the water. Another good job on the trout. Really enjoy looking at your pictures of the water you fish. Almost like I am there with you!

  3. That first photo's awesome.
    Looks like it should be a commercial.

  4. Yeah, the photos are pretty cool. If I had a cat that called the SPCA on me...well let's say that I know that cat tastes like tuna.

  5. Nice haul and time enough to feed the cats. Well done. Glad to see you're closing out 2011 right.

  6. everyone seems to be trying to squeek in that one last trip for 2011, i think ill get mine on New Years Eve!