Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A New Year

I'm not talking about 2012, I'm talking about the beginning of year 4 (today) for Northern California Trout.

Yes, three full years (minus a couple months due to my stupidity) of blogging my little heart out, but the thanks goes out to all the readers of this humble blog. When I had my lapse in judgment last year, the readership dropped to less than 10 per day and now we're back up to 100+ per day. Thank you all for hanging in there.

I don't plan on any razzle dazzle changes in the look of Northern California Trout except changing the header picture occasionally, just to keep things interesting. I also plan on keeping the advertising out and information coming.

This is also an anniversary of sorts on my writing articles for the local newspaper as well. I'm now settling into year two as their sports writer for fishing and related stories. You'll remember that I started Northern California Trout because the newspaper didn't have anyone writing for them that actually fished and I wanted to get that information out. My last article that was in the paper was the satire on combat fishing (you saw it here first), placed at the top of the sports page.

I'm also closing in on 50,000 hits, but I'll let you know when that happens.

So, for an anniversary present to myself, I think I'll go out and get one of those bullet proof vests (for combat fishing of course) that has Blogger on it instead of Writer like the one Castle wears on the TV show. Maybe I should get one that says Blogger/Writer. Better yet, maybe put it on the back of my fishing vest. Probably a lot cheaper, besides I'm not getting paid for any of this writing stuff, yet.

To all my friends out there: Thank you for your support (Bartles & James too). I'm looking forward to many more years sharing what has been held close to the vest by the many and shared by the few.

Out to the lake tomorrow. Till then.



  1. Hey Mark, Congrats on the milestones.

  2. we have to do this because we love it and i certainly am glad you love it, thanks for sharing your pursuits with us

  3. Mark
    Congrat on the huge traffic boost, keep putting out those great post.

  4. Congrats Mark,like the new cover shot on top of the page,your style of informing is refreshing to say the least,looking forward to many more of your stories,tight lines,friend.

  5. Under the weather for a day or two, just getting back to reading all the posts I have missed. Love your posts, and, one day perhaps we will fish together!