Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tom Rigney & Flambeau

Last Saturday night we were invited to meet friends in the sleepy little town of Sutter Creek for dinner and a concert. Our friends picked the concert; we picked the place for dinner. 

We met at Susan’s Place (which is in downtown Sutter Creek) with 5:30pm reservations. One in the group had Salmon and the other three had lamb shanks. Wine, dinner, and dessert (chocolate truffle torte) done, we headed over (actually around the corner from the restaurant and down  4 doors) to the Sutter Creek Theater to see a group called Tom Rigney & Flambeau. 

I'd never heard of them, but the couple we were with had seen them on several occasions. We got a little hint of their music by a teaser on the advertisement. 

Here is a little sample of one called "Hounded".

The whole night was a compilation of Irish (Oh Danny Boy), Cajun (Jambalaya), Boogie Woogie, waltzes, even an Irish Reel, and more. The night was a little over two hours of feet tapping and hand clapping to great music played by some very energetic people.  

Let me break down the group for you.

On the electric violin: Tom Rigney
On the drums: Brent Rampone
The electric guitar: Danny Caron
The bass guitar: Steve Parks
The piano: Caroline Dahl

At one time or another, they have been all over the United States and Canada. I provided the link to Tom's website. There you can access his calendar. For those of you in the mid-west, they will be in Decatur, Illinois at the Central Illinois Jazz Festival on February 3-5. For the West Coast crowd, hell they'll be all over the place in February.

Go to the website and get the list of places, then go see them . You WILL NOT be disappointed. You will also not be able to hear for a couple of days. It's that good.

Thanks to Tom for allowing me to take pictures. I haven't posted them here because I also have an article to write for the local newspaper. They generally don't do reviews on bands that play in the area, but on this occasion, I guess I have the power.

That's it until the next adventure.


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