Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Matter How Hard You Try

Or in this case no matter how much stuff you have in your tackle box, you don't always have what they are biting on.

I went out to Lake Amador yesterday to get some information for an article I'm doing for the newspaper. I wanted to find out if the fish were biting, were they biting on anything new or just the same old Power Bait, night crawlers, and Wooly Buggers.
The girl at check in said same old, same old. So I went over to the point by the spillway where I usually fish and snapped shot of the low water line. All the land you can see on the left is usually underwater at this time of year. Just past where the two guys are standing is the spillway.  

The spillway area

A few ripples on the lake
I only saw one fish caught by a couple of guys sitting in the V shaped area on the left of the first picture. I couldn't hear what they were using for bait, but I did hear garlic something. Probably the only bait scent I don't have in my tackle box. And why don't I have something that should be a standard? I don't know. Typical kid answer. "Why'd you do that? I don't know".

At least I had some company
So for most of the day I sat on a rock (chair pad under my bony butt) and talked to the ducks. They would have gotten something to eat when I broke out the butter croissant, but they picked that time to cavort with the Coots down the shore. So I ate all myself.

Above water end of an underwater duck
I tried just about everything in my tackle box, but there wasn't a fish to be had except the one next door on a garlic something. Note to self: get something garlic.

Just a quick note, last Saturday I became an official, paid, Freelance Writer. Somebody finally decided that this stuff I write is worth paying for. Enough said.

OK, one more time down to the American River for a Steelhead try later this week. I was down there today, but the weather guessers said (according to Doppler Radar) that it was raining cats and dogs, but not Steelhead. So being the believer I am, didn't take my fly fishing gear with me. It wasn't raining.

Thanks for stopping by and Howard, only you would see the guy in the picture as a guy starting to take a crap. I think he was trying to keep his hands arm.



  1. Mark
    Do you really want to be known as "Tackle Shop" to the rest of the guys? A single fly box can hold hundreds of patterns.

    1. One has got to be prepared. If that puts me into the same category as Tackle Shop, I'm in good company.


  2. Mark
    As you know this time of year as far as fishing is concerned is going to be slow. I do very little fishing during Nov. Dec. or Jan. I know Feb. is the start of some great crappie fishing so that may be your ticket next.

  3. Might I add, "Congratulations on getting paid for your Freelance work." That is a nice little kudo, Mark! Garlic might be worth the nibble if you ask me.

  4. Those days come, and we learn that there are pleasures around, we need only look.
    A nice place to enjoy that croissant.

  5. Congratulations on the paid assignment Mark......as for not getting a fish, you spent another day in a nice place and that has to be worth something.

  6. Getting paid to write about fishing, right on. As for being a tackle shop, well I own one and I also take one with me when I go fishing. You never know what's gonna work.

  7. ive always been a huge garlic fan, who knows... the fish might like it as well?